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Only great and positive things happening within these (pink) walls... @unbreakableperformance  I actually just realized today that many many years ago I had one of the craziest nights of my life in this building but that’s another story 🤐

Watching some old clips and missing the man 🥄 @anthonybourdain  #jiujitsuforlife  #tbt 

It’s good to start young but it’s never too late

Tony just sweats like that doesn’t even have to work out 🥵

Arm in rear naked ➡️ reverse triangle.

Fun Friday rolls with my peoples 🤙 Repost: @ddlovato  Trained with the incredibly talented @1chrislight  and @briantcity  today.. this is post-shower and pre-road trip so I’m not in my gi but we’ll get a proper BJJ pic next time 😝 thanks guys for training today.. was so much fun.. Brian - you’re a fucking savage.. thanks for the new moves.. you’re going to sleep next time though 😜

The art of entanglement. 🌪

They say your attitude determines your altitude

Don’t get slammed

Enter the darkness, find the light.

This is the problem with people who talk for a living. They talk too much. Mocking Cowboy like he’s a whiny baby? GTFOH. Don’t trash our sport by calling for fighters to NOT respect each other. @cowboycerrone  is a humble and savage WARRIOR who carries the spirit of a true martial artist, and one of the great role models for the next generation of fighters. Do better. #respect  #ufc  @arielhelwani