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- 🍁🐺Akita-swiss shepherd   ↟amateur squirrel chaser🐿️ ↟always ready for new adventures🏕️ #catchmeoutside

evening swims are the best💜 and what you can see in the background aren't the orange colored trees from autumn, it's the color of the beautiful sunset🌅❤️

in case you didn't know, I'm totally obsessed with pine cones! throw me some and you'll be my best friend🖤🍂

mouse enjoys muddy weather🖤🐭

two buddies exploring the forest🌲🖤 although it's summer the yellow leaves on the ground give me some autumn vibes🍂

just hugging a tree🖤🌲

oh how I love these summer days, swimming in the late evening and waiting for the dreamy sunset💜

what does she want to tell you with her cheeky smile haha?😁 oh and do you wanna boop?👉🏻🐽

yess she brings out the treats!👅 I used to work with her with the clicker to teach her tricks faster. now I've been photographing her so many times that when she hears the click the camera makes with every shot, she immediately expects treats from me every time🙈

》sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory《 always keeping this quote in mind and enjoying every moment together cause you never know what happens tomorrow. she will always be my cute lil polar bear I met 6 years ago, I can't describe how much I love her. she's not just a friend, she's family.

swimming under the moon in the summer nights🖤🌙

happy pup🖤🐭

starting our days in summer with blissful sunrises on a morning hike🖤🌄