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It’s sunny and 75 / It feels so good to be alive

Would like to shout out Laird Borrelli-Persson @the_lbp  — Vogue’s archive editor and a fount of knowledge not only about the magazine but all of fashion history and art history and the endless ways they intersect. Here is an example how Laird works. She will quietly notice a brief paragraph in a long story — in this case, a paragraph about Loie Fuller in the September profile of Taylor Swift. Only she will know that Vogue visited Loie Fuller at home in 1913. She will then quietly dig up that story and repost it online, along with an elegant summary of Fuller’s career and work, noting the relevant connections between Fuller and Swift, among them: “One of the links between these two Americans born 127 years apart is copyright.” I encourage you to read Laird’s post (link in bio) and all of her writing, for that matter.

I profiled @taylorswift  for the September issue of @voguemagazine  Link in bio!

Our little grapevine

Bird-of-prey assassin

Unearthed in the ongoing archeological dig that is our backyard

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Mary Oliver: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do / With your one wild and precious life?” Answer: “Spend as much of it as possible in Big Sur.” 🤤

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Watching the full moon rise over dinner in Big Sur. Beyond beyond. @ventanabigsur