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- Adesh Prasad   Gharelu, sabhya aur total faltu. cowrote & codirected a film nobody saw, Tumbbad. Worked on another film nobody knows of, Ship of Theseus.

Animal in animal print

I held the sand too tight, I am told. Here I sit happily in the middle of all that slipped! That reminds me, where’s my SPF100?

Fine, dead things do make me happy!

Here’s a slice of ‘hey-my-life-is-cooler-than-yours’ bull💩 + Did you notice that I found my stolen shirt today?

The girl has got a tattoo that says ‘Stories To Tell’. Well, for a good reason! Pretty sure there’s going to be a whole chapter about me. Or who knows, an entire book!!! 🤗

Brother, father, all rolled into one. Happy Father’s Day to him, me and everyone :) #fathers  #fathersday 

Vanity is cure for practically anything. And so is strip tease!

Spotted this cheap rando clearly suffering from material, existential and spiritual problems.

OMG 😱#papparazzi  alert!

Dead inside, but someone cracked a really good joke!

You guys, a very important advice on what to do with your old #barbie 

Only ❤️ for this #villain