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Honestly these people made my birthday one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had in the longest. I don’t say it much but I honestly love them a crazy lot. Sadly we didn’t get to take any pictures but here are some appreciation posts. I’m grateful to have them and grateful they came. I’ve never been happier and I hope to keep them in my life for as long as possible. Thank you for an amazing birthday, I really love you all.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and for giving me the best birthday week ever. I’ve never had so much fun anytime before. 17 years is just crazy to think about like wow.

Work hard, hit harder🔥💯

Happy Mother’s Day to the strongest mom I know! Driving us steady after all these years and having to take care of three kids is more than enough care anyone should ever ask for. You deserve to live in paradise after dealing with us and the least I can say is thank you ma. I love you mucho❤️

Viktoria really out here having the best big brother around.

Great start to spring break, I can’t stop thinking of how much I love these people.

I’m super glad I got to see one of the real ogs after so long. One of the few real friends I got. Since 01’ till the end.🙏 @carabiascristan 

Happy birthday! @lunaadkins3 , thanks everyone for a great day today I really enjoyed the party!

Happy birthday Priscila! Yesterday was honestly really really fun and I’m glad you let me spend it with you all, I’m happy we had a lot of fun and I got to make some new friends. I can’t wait for what’s planned for the future.

If I’m being honest I love most of these people not all of them 💕