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- Aimee Hernandez   Based in Toronto 🇨🇦 Capturing moments one shot at a time...wherever the world takes me. Selected as #One2Watch by @CanonCanada

La tour Eiffel - there are literally thousands of ways to shoot this beautiful, iconic structure. Swipe left to see the series of images I captured when I visited this incredible city. Which one do you like best?

From New York, to Chicago, to San Francisco and all the cities/landscapes in between, Happy 4th, America! 🇺🇸 Swipe left to see some of my fave shots taken over the last few years. 1. New York, NY 2. Chicago, IL 3. San Francisco, CA 4. Zion National Park, UT 5. Valley of Fire, NV 6. Point Reyes, CA 7. Grand Canyon, AZ 8. Antelope Canyon, AZ 9. Big Sur, CA 10. New York, NY

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter - grateful to call this country home. Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦

For one of the best sunset spots in Toronto, make your way to Polson Pier. Lucked out with the weather and managed to capture this gorgeous sunset a few weeks ago with my #Canon6D . Partnering with @CanonCanada  as part of their #One2Watch  program. #Partner  #ShotOnCanon 

Incredible game last night! Two down. Two to go. #wethenorth  #letsgoraptors 

Memories of Budapest

Frankfurt by night. Was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of culture and history that I encountered in Frankfurt. Not to mention, the beautiful cityscapes and mix of old and new architecture. Contrary to popular belief, it’s much more than just a ‘stopover’ city. @germanytourism  @visitfrankfurt  #germanytourism  #visitgermany  #visitfrankfurt 

First light at the Charles Bridge

Finally getting to edit some of my photos from Germany. Here’s a 3-min long exposure shot of the Berlin Cathedral taken just before sunrise. Swipe left to see the details. @germanytourism  #visit_berlin  #berlinized  #berlin365  #germanytourism  #visitgermany 

Heartbroken to hear the news of the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral. Hope they’re able to save this iconic structure.

With its 72 waterfalls, endless rolling hills and towering rock walls, Lauterbrunnen is one of the most idyllic places I've ever visited. This magical Alpine town is a definite 'must-see' in Switzerland. Partnering with @CanonCanada  as part of their #One2Watch  program. #partner  #shotoncanon 

one of the things that she loves about the sea is how it can be both. a place to remember and a place to forget. -JmStorm