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Anticipation, Clock is 3 in the morning and the Fishermen (Light on river) of Guilin sneaks out in the night to hide from the river police. In 20 minutes sun will rise and change this scene in to something spectacular. I just enjoyed the mystery of the blue hour.

No summer without a proper spin! 🔃

In the forests of Sweden 🌲

A moment of silence on the Li River, Me and Mr Huang, A cormorant fisherman who traveled far through the night to spend the morning with me along the riverbanks of Guilin. . After a long wait i was ready to call everything in. Conditions for what i wanted to achieve just wasnt there. All of a sudden i see a tiny light on the river and what comes after is just amazing. A morning to remember, a morning to aspire.

Long time since the last time, but feels so good to be back on my swedish lakes. Unpacking the kayak and just go out to find new corners of places i think i already know everything about always surprise me.

Hostile Lands, watching wildlife from every possible angle out in the namibian desert made me think of the surreal atmosphere these animals live in. Eat or be eaten. Every single day is a fight for survival. It’s very hard, atleast for me to not get emotionally attached to what you get to see out there. . This evening was rather spectacular for me as a photographer. Light was to die for and i just loved what i was aiming my camera towards. Image number one is a bit unsharp unfortunately but i just love the atmosphere in it so it gets my approval anyway. I blame the speed of the helicopter for missing the shot.

Sand & Water Collection. Which one is your favourite ? All images available as prints on (link in bio)

Field days 👨🏻‍🌾 Beautiful Chinese rice fields.

A beautiful morning on a glacier in Chamonix, what a week we had ! Thanks to everyone involved, this week will not be forgotten.

The calm before the flood. A cormorant fisherman paddles out in secret on the Li river. Subtle ripples on the surface for the flood that’s on it’s way.

Above the clouds the karst peaks of Guilin really looks like a landscape made for books and movies. What a magnificent morning.