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- LittleMissWalker💋   Child whisperer And shes gifted with the words🖊 TWU:19🐯👩🏻‍🎓


You’re face so pretty to me make up can’t make it👅 #iwantsomefreshbraids 

Mommy’s gona always sacrifice and do right by you, my blessings start with you❤️👑 #SWIPE  #Kiddovaction  #loveislove 

That was just practice baby, this it right here❤️😎 #itsaswipe  #Itsbeenawhile 

Kings first school dance!!! Under the sea theme mommy and daddy shark showed up to bring the king of the sea to show out❤️🙌🏼😂💪🏼 #BlessedandGrateful  #Swipe  #babysharkgrowingup 

So training today reminded me how much of a compassionate lover I am. No matter what this is a constant consistent part of me, I move with love😊🙌🏼😢. I’m a G but my heart bigger than me!

Should’ve tried to get a pic before I got lit!? #Swipe  #Thegrandmastorethespotup 

Forever the girl that got away, and I can stand on it😌

Water deep enough to drown, just make sure you can swim🤪 #Yachtday  #Miami2019  #Swipe 

I’m just a vibe☺️

When you with you’re maggot ass friends don’t discuss me😊. #Miami2019  #Meandmygirlslit 

Everybody loves the bush. All I see is how much of my hair I cut🤦🏻‍♀️🙂