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- 🌈Audrey Kitching   Artist ♡‬ Crystal Healer ♡‬‬ Philadelphia @crystalxcactus


Within two weeks, a Monarch caterpillar will grow up to 3,000 times its original birth weight and size. The larger ones in these images were microscopic about 6 days ago. I have about 50 so far and they have eaten through 5 pots of milkweed already. Transformation is on the way.🦋

‪Everyday I find a way to move forward and heal.‬💘 @brunoroids 

‪If a social media account doesn’t make you feel good about yourself or inspired, don’t follow it. Only look at things that are honest and uplift your spirit.‬🦋

‪I don’t pay too much attention to linear time anymore. I eat when I’m hungry and I sleep when I’m tired. I have let my body become my clock.‬🌷 @brunoroids 

A magic mess in the studio. Currently dying silk ribbons for chokers.💕 @crystalxcactus 

‪When a new path presents itself, embrace it.‬ Trust where you are going.💕 @brunoroids 

Sunrise garden tea.🌷

Everything becomes a meditation when you are grounded, present and honoring yourself.🦋

‪Your beliefs dictate your path.‬ Your path carves out your fate.‬ Your fate creates your destiny.‬ What do you truly believe in?‬🦋

‪I have been active on the internet for almost 20 years of my life. Over that course of time I have read so many things about myself on it. Only about 3% of them ever actually happened or were based on truth. Put your focus on real life rather than a digital hologram.💘 ‪The internet is a collective database of humanities opinions, wounds, fears and projections. Choose to use it differently - spread love and inspiration. Create a new pathway for sharing things of purpose. ‬@brunoroids 

‪I have about 35 Monarch caterpillars right now. It’s still very early in the season. They normally arrive in clusters around the week of my birthday every year. By the end of July my sanctuary will be overflowing.‬🦋

You are a gift, don’t give yourself away so easily. Focus your energy on what is worthy of it.🦋 @brunoroids