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@kylebeaumont89  X RUGER . Elemental Available online

Product should merely compliment the haircut - less is always more! Here with jack I used RUGER . sea salt to dry, and a small amount of Volumising powder to arrange into style! @jack_wood_2006 

I’ve done countless “first haircuts” ... but this one was my favourite .. My Boy 💙 @lindsey_beak 

Male or female - the formula remains the same! Styled with RUGER . Volumising Powder (available soon) and RUGER . Essential - @aches90 

We live now in a period of mass production and mass profit. That being said the passion and love of doing a haircut gets lost ... in order to reignite that flame it’s fun to do something different, for fun or out of your comfort zone. Ireland was such a profitable trip, not financially, far from it. But profitable in so many other ways. Filming, shooting, cutting, styling and then sharing - all in that order! The best way to reinforce your knowledge of a Subject is to share it!! Thanks to everybody that came to the very first “A night with RUGER .” Success to us meant people enjoyed it and we enjoyed it.. so yes it Ireland you was an amazing victory! Comment below with the country / city / town you’d like to see the next Night With RUGER .

Happy birthday to the most incredible, most beautiful little girl I ever laid eyes on! My happy pill, my antidepressant, my stress reliever, my worry-go-awayer, and my everything ... how have you got me wrapped so tightly around your finger at 2 years old 💞

“Hey Marcus, hey Mike.. aaaaaight” Asymmetrical is not an everyday kinda haircut ... but then again, @justmikethatsme  ain’t an everyday kinda guy ) @liamoakesphoto 

This time tomorrow “A Night With RUGER .” In Dublin will be well under way ... you have 20 hours to book you tickets online through the event brite link in my bio, home page. We’ll be bringing an array of products and merchandise also for you to get a taste of RUGER . @justmikethatsme  @liamoakesphoto 

Last 2 days to buy tickets for “A night with RUGER .” Click the Eventbrite link on my page for more info and ticket sales

Next Wednesday evening RUGER . Will be in Dublin ... showcasing our short docu-film of how we choreograph our latest collection - followed by hair cutting demonstrations! Follow the event brite link in my bio/or below to book your place! Tickets only €68

The last few year in barbering have been all about EVOLUTION - products, tools, techniques... one of the key changes have been the ability to BOOK your appointment... you can do that with any of the RUGER . Team. Download the @booksybiz  app on the AppStore. All you need to do is look through the reviews, clients opinions are the most powerful marketing tool! If you are interested in making the move to appointments then please contact me directly and I will help you through the process! It’s simple, and better for your business and your clients. @booksyuk  @adrian_booksy  Model - @g.o.davey  @sonarapparel  Product - Essential & Vol 4

Jack gets more education on how to style hair than the majority of our students // he knows to blow dry his (clean) hair with sea salt spray, to blow it slow, let it cool, then dress with ESSENTIAL - Be more like @jack_wood_2006