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Apparently, I really felt like waking up at 4am editing this shot, to then start writing a vintage falterfurther caption only to fall asleep Ya’ll just escaped a whole ass ramble about my life My whole playlist: I can’t remember how we got here Also, Instagram compression is extra trash today huh, good thing that’s my aesthetic

happy birthday sad boi @uthmvn  Sorry I saw good bands without u It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong by Four Year Strong

One year later and I’m still bleaching my hair, but at least I’m not just wearing all black everyday Edit: my mom asked me if i had no shame walking around with shorts above my knees when I showed her this and she playfully hit me and chased me when I said it’s to get her a daughter in law soz mother Taken by @itsnotruman  J’me tire by Maître Gims

Missed Focus Just a few moments of missed opportunity. My last account was myself being a perfectionist yet unhappy with everything I created and now I’m here preferring the shots that aren’t exactly right or edits that ‘ruin’ a clean image. Is this character development or regression? Who knows. Habits of My Heart by Jaymes Young

This morning I woke up feeling pretty shitty and sometimes I find it difficult to process or understand how I actually feel. So, I’m there in bed not knowing what these emotions are or why they’re even there. I don’t even understand how to react to them. What I usually do during those days, is find a piece of music that somehow resonates with how I feel (sometimes lyrically miles off, but not emotionally) and let the day go by with it as the soundtrack. And when I have enough energy, make something whilst it plays or include it in the piece itself. It doesn’t always help me feel better I’ll be honest, but it does make it easier to figure out what I feel exactly. Today it started with just a short mood piece using Freehand by Novo Amor (@iamnovoamor ) and Ed Tullett (@edtullett ) which is still the soundtrack for today. It then somehow ended up as a lyrics video. Music by Novo Amor has often been the soundtrack to those moments where I start to do better.

So I got an email where I had to do a 2 min vlog for this thing due in 3 days (from when I read it) And my first move was to hit up the lads and then this happened I would like to thank everyone involved with moist feelings for always being down for anything Cast: @uthmvn  @amzadhussain  @shahadot.khan  @habibur96  Supporting: @nasim749  who was scouting other locations like lickey hills apparently @itsnotruman  who managed to be in this (sort of) despite being on the other side of the world I thought about re-editing this since it was done quite rushed at the time, but this feels a lot more authentic and honest. See I’m not always a sad boi Also, blurred out email for you know 🧿 🧿 and privacy I Want To Feel Alive by The Lighthouse and the Whaler

Part 2 since Insta wanted to play me As I was saying look at @uthmvn  being the bad bitch he is looking fine as hell You can tell he’s ready it to drop it like it’s hot, but not as hot as jahannam (I gotchu insta sheikhs) You can tell he’s been listening to Zina by Babylone thinking it’s a nasheed Wasting Time (Eternal Summer) by Four Years Strong You know the drill, pretend I said something about how I wanna figure myself out or grow Keywords: journey, love, understanding, idk younger self??? Got a fake image to uphold here

Today, I got a phone call from my mom when she was right next to me. I was like hey you’re pocket dialling me, but then began to freak out because she thought maybe she dropped it and someone stole it. I answered, said salaam and was like who is this and are you okay in Bengali AS IF A THIEF WOULD WANT ME TO BE THE FIRST PERSON THEY CALLED AND THEY WOULD REPLY IN BENGALI BACK TO ME. Anyway, it was my little sister asking if I wanted tea. Now let’s pretend I said something emotional and thought provoking in a way that doesn’t exactly make sense. With Idk The Only Thing by Sufjan Stevens as the song??? (Palette ft. G. DRAGON by IU)

I’ve seen the end, I’ve lost the war i’ll be okay ft. velvetears by gin$eng

A little more figured out, a little more myself Taking time off did me well. Anyway, hi again. The Waterboy Returns by Modern Baseball Thanks @uthmvn  for taking the shot and understanding what the hell I was talking about throughout the day Also, imagine I started using my adobe premiere shortcuts whilst using lightroom on this pic. Man used his cut shortcut to try to crop and I even tried to cycle through images like I was scrubbing through video fml turns out J K L do not do the same things

I’m not really sure what’s next, but I feel like this part of it is over for now. I kinda had a vague idea of what this was supposed to be. It used to be this thing to help me escape from whatever I was feeling and where I was (the name makes sense now huh), but it’s been feeling a little redundant for a while. Plus, I don’t really want to limit myself with this whole identity and theme anymore. Unfortunately, I’m dramatic enough to believe that everything requires a 3 act structure, so I need an ending to whatever this has been. Thank you for all the support and love on this specific little journey, it got more reactions than I ever really expected. That being said I ain’t dead and I haven’t decided what to do with this account (idek if I’ll keep the name) so let’s say goodbye and walk in the same direction for a bit yeah thnx xxx If I was going 100%, you would have gotten some dank vintage alandaway, I’m talking about thoughts about the future versions of me, a wilder identity crisis, ending with a “I’m still hopeful” kinda shit I used to do Limitless by Eden Project

A little update So this is me at 23 (last month) I’m glad I didn’t promise to make more for insta on my New Years video because I’m honestly enjoying taking a break from it all and not feeling bad about it Hair’s still blue, still pretty lame and still stressed out by Adobe Premieres handle on 4K footage Everything about image is by @au.mle  because I’m not cool enough Palette by IU feat. G-Dragon