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- Alex C   just your average 19 year old 🇺🇸🇰🇷 snap // alexchoi777

gender neutral 🚻

what do you do when your tires are almost dying? you do a high speed 360 and take them out of their misery 🤧😭 #killalltires 

what side do you like better? blue or pink? 📸: @therealmikek 

i present you, McDaddy V1. full reveal and detailed walk around video on my channel. 📸: @adam_bornstein  📸: @therealmikek 

another unforgettable @goldrushrally  in the books. don’t worry, the craziest goldrush vlogs are coming soon once i edit them :) a huge thank you to @savagegarage  for providing the cars, and all the fans that came out to say hi. i’ve made a lot of memories that i will be remembering for a very long time. till next year 👋 thank you @theonetruemo  and @iamted7  for the amazing photos, and for taking this doors up, foot-out roller of me at 90mph

i love that i’m on the phone even though there is no service whatsoever on angeles crest highway #justtryingtoflexyadiggg 

Donkventador SVJ @savagegarage 

stargazing, gn.

Many people asked what car i’ll be driving on @goldrushrally  this year. I won’t be taking any of my cars, but i will be piloting/ co-piloting with team @savagegarage  in either the SVJ, 720s or the Urus. Stay tuned on my story to see what car i will be in as we rally across the country. Tomorrow, I will be piloting the 720s from Miami to Amelia Island. Go to @goldrushrally  to find out more info on the fan meet/ greet spots and the parades and all of the stops we will be making from Miami to Austin, Texas. Look forward to seeing everyone!

you can’t do epic shit with basic people. what an epic video by @epikproductions  FULL VIDEO LINK IN BIO

Everyone, please give a warm welcome to my new spaceship, a Mclaren 720s. Thank you @thecarbiz  for making this a possibility. Also a shoutout to @adam_bornstein  for the photo. and if you haven’t already, be sure to go check out the amazing delivery video by @epikproductions  — link in my bio. Sorry for trolling you guys with the Pagani lol. I wish. 😂

i wonder what it feels like to drive a 1000bhp twin turbo off-road lamborghini 🤔 @sheepeyrace