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- Alex Wilson   Come with me and you'll be to a world of Pure Imagination ~ Gene Wilder Taken by @Captain_Mitchie26 Movies and Music lover

Yesterday was fun, my Mom @SGrimesDavie  and I finally saw #TheLionKing  and it was magical but a true Disney masterpiece, and yes, it was the same thing, but I ain't going to say any spoilers, but the music was breathtaking, the cast was awesome and I want everyone to see this movie when y'all have a chance or not working, so please, go see @LionKing , thank you and Happy Saturday

Happy Friday to my girl, and my friends, also, to those who were born in the 90s, be ready to have your tickets, bring some tissues and get ready to see #TheLionKing  cause we are about to revisit the #CircleofLife  again

Watching #TheLionKing  before the big day tmw with my Mom, it'll be the best Friday ever, The @LionKing  was everything in my childhood since I was 2, but in looking forward to see this tmw, cause it'll be and forevermore the #CircleofLife 

Come to Church tonight for VBS cause we are going to be wild

Happy Birthday @EthanGingerich , hope you have a great birthday

My official 2019 Halloween costume, going as @EltonJohn  wearing the Dodgers Stadium outfit, just like from #RocketMan , but yeah, I'm wearing this for a Halloween party

Happy 4th of July everyone, and don't miss to binge watching @StrangerThingsTv  cause it's the Summer we will never forget

He's a good kid and time to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of #BabyDriver , this movie is genius, thank you @EdgarWright  for adding @Ansel  in this electrifying motion picture, the music, the action and the driving, that's what makes this movie so thrilling, it will make you drive with music

Mood cause it's Friday

People don't pay to see Reginald Dwight, they pay to see @EltonJohn  ~ Elton John Took @BobKat141  aka my Grandmother to see #RocketMan , oh my gosh, it was so beautiful and a true fantasy, from his unhappy childhood, to his stardom, Elton John is a greatest Superstar in the world, whether it's his sexuality, or his greatest gift, I was blessed to take my Grandmother to see the story, God bless you Elton John, you was truly amazing