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- Ace ♠️   ⚛️ Web Dev 📷 Sony A6000, Mavic Pro ✌🏻 For projects or collabs shoot me an email or DM 🇷🇴 Timisoara, Romania -- See my website while it's being built

*Somewhat* daily healthy dose 🙌🏻🔥 I really enjoy preparing good food quite a lot, especially if it looks this fresh and tasty, and that's how I go about everything in life, doesn't matter if I share it or not with you, I always make things look good for my own satisfaction 🔥😂 In other news, I've made an ecommerce shop with React, Gatsby and some other things and I just love how all the new technologies work together. Do you remember how being a web developer was like 5 years ago? A very sad reality when even centering a div was not a sure way 😢 But now we got Sass 💁‍♀️, all these great frameworks and tools and making websites its so much more fun 🙌🏻 I think it's the best time for people to get into web development, what do you say? . . . . . . #desksetup  #macsetup  #applesetup  #homeoffice  #workspace  #workstation  #minimalist  #minimalism  #appleandcoffee  #thunderboltdisplay  #battlestation  #iphonex  #retinamacbookpro  #mbpr  #interiordesign  #designyourworkspace  #setupinspiration  #macintoshsetups  #macbookair  #macmini  #macbookpro  #macbook  #iMac  #workhardanywhere  #deskvibes  #interiormilk 

Chill summer days 💥 Leave a comment for my Pikachu terminal ⚡️ Been working constantly with web development these weeks and I'm really enjoying it 😂 I relocated to my parents house for the time cus it's in the mountains and it's much better than in the middle of the city. So yeah chilling and doing remote work is really good ✌🏻 This client is gonna be a really happy one 🙌🏻 And some really awesome news (if you like dope photos) is that I'm taking my girlfriend to the seaside in 1 week to an amazing looking place 🔥 And I just can't wait to get a lot of content done from there 👌🏻🚁 Although, I miss my house, I'll return to it in a while 😂 . . . . . . . #Geek  #nerd  #tech  #startup  #programmer  #programming  #coder  #coding  #code  #developer  #dev  #compsci  #setup  #macbook  #engineer  #workhard  #nyc  #london  #newyork  #software  #softwareengineering  #sanfrancisco  #html  #css  #ruby  #js  #javascript  #java 

One of those days ☕️ I'm really thankful for all the feedback you guys gave me on my website and on my resume, if you didn't check it out yet, go to ✌🏻 Definitely trying to stand out a little and showcase my work and my perspective in a cooler way. Also I'm nearly done with the work for a client, it's a posh e-commerce store designed by @jeliazkovdsgn , he's done a really sleek design case study on it, I recommend you go see it 🔥

The 3d printed logo is the coolest thing ever 🔥💁‍♀️ I got it as a gift for my birthday. I'm having a little creative block for my website cus I don't really know what to add to it 🤔😂 so far I focused on making it look really good and be a really nice experience to view it. Could you give me some ideas? Also @meridioband  knew I was a big fan of tan leather and sent me this case 🙌🏻

This is exactly the image in mind when they wrote the script for Black Mirror 😂 What are your plans for this weekend? 🙌🏻💥 Top: LG UltraGear 34GK950 Bottom: LG 49WK95C-W ❤️

Oh man I wonder what props should I use today? 😂😅 I keep doing updates to my website and so far the hardest thing is to make sure it looks the same accross all browsers, and on most phone sizes. I'm making it mobile first as most traffic will come from Insta anyway 😅😂 I really care about attention to detail and great user experience but somehow Facebook made their messenger and Instagram browsers behave terribly dumb and I have to optimise it for that. Anyway, it's going to look insanely good ✌🏻 Oh yeah and meanwhile I'm also working on a really damn stylish eShop for someone, should share all of it soon as well 💥 . . . . . . . . #workspace  #freelancelife  #creativespace  #creativedesk  #irunoncoffee  #mondaymotivation  #photography  #ipadpro  #deskgoals  #setupinspiration  #interiormilk 

React all day react all night ⚛️😂 I'm currently working on a website for a client while working in parallel for my new and revised website. Doing all of this, while trying to implement some of my own wacky ideas has taught me a lot of stuff. I can't say this enough people, the best way to learn something is to try and do something really complicated, hit your head against the wall cus ofc you're not prepared for it and hustle for a solution. When you find that solution and see it in action I swear you'll never forget it 🔥 This literally applies to anything that you can learn but I think it goes super well with programming. Can't wait to officially launch the website and start having some content like a blog on it, and start sharing my photo presets again, cus many people asked for them ✌🏻

Switched to Apple music for the time being 😂 mostly because it works super well with Siri and it's actually a really good deal if you're a student. What streaming service are you using? 🔥 Apple music, Spotify, or something else? Like ripping CDs, i don't judge 😂 Also i love taking the LG Xboom go PK5 Bluetooth speaker everywhere with me around the house and blast some tunes 🔥 i can't recommend these enough really 💁‍♀️ If you didn't know you can beta test my website while I'm building it, see mostly new changes every day 👌🏻 I'm open to ideas and changes so feel free to hit me up! Especially if it breaks on your device 😂 I got from knowing 0 react last year and postponing it a lot to finally getting to learn it 4 months ago and now i can't go back, I'm enjoying working with it a lot. When I'm done with it it might make some blog posts talkimg about react and JS in general and a really cool method i found to host and deploy your website ✌🏻

Flatlay, a little darker than usual 🙌🏻Rate it 1-10 💥 Took some nice dronies yesterday, I a lot missed it tbh, I really wanna shoot and edit more videos this summer ✌🏻 Also I didn't get the job I took the interview for, I passed most of the phases and got to the final point but I guess it didn't work out. Still it was a fun experience and that only makes me wanna work harder and learn to do more stuff. And imma have a lot of free time to do more projects on my own and get other opportunities 🔥 Got this cool desk mat from @ultralinx  and that sleek iPhone case from @noodcases  👌🏻 Also the Bluetooth mouse from @aziocorp 

Minimal 🙌🏻 Discovering more and more good angles in my house everyday 😅😂 This was another one of those super random shots that ended up looking like a magazine cover 🔥 LG Xboom Go from @lg_uk 

Daily dose of tea 🙌🏻 That's the face I make when it's too bitter 😭 Pls someone give me the award for taking the pics fast enough to be able to drink it while it's warm 😂 In other news, went to the interview and honestly I'm super impressed by the people working there and the mindset they have, so I hope it's gonna end up well 🔥 also that 19th century building they have their HQ in got me sold 😂 I'm not a fan of big corporate stuff, I like this more hipsterish approach to things. I'm also proud to be very consistent with my posting schedule lately 😂 getting back in the game, otherwise @andresvidoza  and @michsoledesign  might catch up, seriously tho give them a follow 🙌🏻

Swipe over to see the history of my setup 🙌🏻 Which was your favorite? 🔥 Its such a cliche to say this, but I wouldn't have believed anyone if they would have told me that in pretty much a year I'll build this epic setup 😅 And I'm super grateful to everyone that made this happen 🔥 Tommorow I'll go to an interview to a job that I'm super happy and hyped about, something that I've always wanted. I'll tell you more about it once I see how everything turns out 💥 Have a good week everyone ✌🏻 Top monitor: LG 34GK950G Bottom monitor: LG 49WL95C From  🙌🏻