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The body achieves what the mind believes 🛠️🔧 #2damax  #bodybuilding  #motivation  #chestday  #shredded 

It's #flexfriday  💪🏽 Tomorrow it's peak week. I'll be deloading with 50g of carbs for 4 days. I'll post my meals and macro's intake during the peek week on my story. Stay tuned ! 💯

Some pictures from my first competition at the Beach Classic IFBB. @beachclassics  I did second place, men's physique under 173 cm 🥈. I know I have a lot to improve about my posing but I'm still practicing. Being on stage was really a pleasure. See you soon at the IFBB Belgium championship this 27th October in Lotto Mons Expo. Preparation still going on ! Keep tuned 🔧

Getting the most ripped possible before vacation. Philippines, 26 days left 🇵🇭✈️

Back on the gram ! Working on weaknesses : infraspinatus and rear delt. 🤓

Devil Baby 👹

Today was shrugs & shoulders 💪🏾 #motivation  #gym  #fitness  #shredded  #gainz  #body  #shape 

Lean gainer period