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Hey guys how are you all doing? Sorry for not posting, I have some personal issues. But hope you all are doing well! 💕

#teamfaisu  I'm seriously disgusted with the people behind the #TiktokBan  So many people make amazing videos on the app and to be honest, many Artists such a musicians, film makers have gained audience due to Tiktok. I have known about so many songs through Tiktok If not for Tiktok I wouldn't have even known so many songs And it's a win-win situation for both the parties. I really hope the Government will remove the ban on Tiktok. #Savetiktok  #Tiktokbanned  #TiktokIndia  #Bollywood  #Faizan  #team7  #team07  #Samiksha  #tiktokindian  #Feature  #Viral  @mr_faisu_07  @aliaabhatt  @varundvn  @officialsameekshasud 

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