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Alon Shaya cooked the most wonderful dinner at Slow Food Nations gathering in Denver!! His restaurant, Safta, created a fundraising feast supporting the Heritage Radio Network. How much do I like pita bread right out of the wood oven!!!

Our garlic peace sign hung on the gate of Panisse means there is a celebration of eating garlic and Bastille Day inside. The Baguette Quartet played romantic French songs and I wanted to dance all night!

Sylvie, Jeremy and I have been trying to create a book about SCHOOL LUNCH that meets this criteria: organic local ingredients, (except the organic spices) whole grains, using meat as a condiment, easy to make, seasonally available nutritious ingredients, culturally diverse, liked by children and affordable!! These meals all fit into the USDA reimbursement and this criteria. And the recipes can be scaled for big numbers of students. We can nourish our children and address climate change at the same time with regenerative farming! I am very excited that Penguin will publish this next year. Thank you Olafur Eliasson for your photographic inspiration in Studio Olalur Eliasson : The Kitchen .

VIVE L’AIL ! Every Bastille Day we have celebrated with a garlic festival . Les Blank made a great film one year called called “Garlic Is As Good As Ten Mothers” and filmed in the restaurant in the 70’s. This is Janet’s new crop of red garlic from the SF Farmer’s Market. It is the best!

Sue Moore picked these Blenheim apricots for Chez like she does every year. And they are the greatest gift! It is my favorite varietal and last only a couple of weeks at this moment in time. We served them right away in the fruit bowl: I don’t think anything can make them taste better.

My friend Sue Murphy made me this bag for my birthday as a joke . But I love it because I love Turner Classic Movies and I want a Free Sustainable School Lunch for every student K-12. Wouldn’t mind a Gary Cooper in my life either!

Here in Bolinas Mickey Murch operates a 24 hour farm stand with an honor system for paying! But I cannot believe what he grows: besides the staples he has tiny Nantes carrots, deep purple and green little gems, and an amazing variety of herbs that includes dill, coriander flowering and little basil like in Genova. What a gift to the community and me!

I was sorting my library and came across this beautiful menu that Patty Curtan designed for a Bastille Day garlic menu from 1996!! Note the liberty we took with the French motto : SORORITÉ ! We will be celebrating garlic next Monday the 15th .

Eric and Claudia have the best party on the 4th: just scones and bacon! They make them right there in their kitchen and fry the bacon. Irresistible !

I forgot how much I like to dance! Sabrina and Yves had a great 4th of July party in Bolinas outside overlooking the ocean. Everyone just danced until all our stress was gone...

This says everything to me about the 4th of July in Northern California ! Soft focus glamour shot of ripe peaches, tomatoes and corn can be found all at the same time. Oops! I forgot basil. Thank you @full_belly_farm  and the Bolinas People’s Store.

My good friend Jason said I should meet Antoni Porowski of the Netflix show Queer Eye. So we had dinner together at Via Carota in NYC. He felt like a soulmate! Maybe he will help us teach kids to cook. That would be amazing!