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normalerwis nenni influencer inefulenzer. aber min min dad nennt das ganze INfaulenzer. das isch pretty accurate, was er vo dere welt verstaht :D #InfluencenKannJeder  #influencesinalco 

idk what to think about this app... even tho I feel flattered and wierd at the same time, I recommend you to stay true to yourself my friends. it might seem to be real", but it's not. we see pictures of others living their best and prettiest lives and tend to forget on the other hand what life really looks like. on the inside, with fears, when no one seems to look, our desires, sadness, all the little shades ...cheers to the open naked truth folk x

wouldn't have made it without all the people standing behind and next to me💌 I'm deadend gratefull x #graduation 

saint or sinner

"I never promised you a rose garden" well, what if you did?🥀🌹

"what is rain to you?" #tb  to when I was sixteen🙈

there are some things we can not explain

facial n mental yoga during exams���� a friend of mine told me before that a couple of exams will be difficult. Another friend said that there would be an "oh no I sucked"-feeling. I didn't believe them both and thought:"I can do it. I studied enough, I will do my possible best." And what happened today? I sucked and I had an inner panic attack while calculating. They both were right, and I was completely out of my comfort zone. I still am. I was on the floor afterwards and thought: what did I just do? Is anything correct? And then another angel flew into the room and said:"You can't do anything about it. Focus on the things that lie beforehand. You did well and you will do okay. But for now, you HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, as I do. I'll promise you everything will be alright."

when you di(e)d math the whole day and consider another career orientation. I miss our time as nuns @lucidnickel  ❤️💔 #mood  pc: unknown (dm me if you know who who is)

why shouldn't we be enough exactly how we are? I mean, change is the only thing we can be sure about. but what is with acceptance during the process of growth? do you sometimes forget to love and believe (in) yourself? are you happy about your current way of living and how do you define "live"? #tb  to the time I thought I could run the world while modeling + #postexamface  😅 #babybambilily 

pls wake me up when I shiver from thunderous (b-f)lies and gift me tears. Both of of us know, I can't handle the sky. You said: I respect you with all my smiles. And all I knew to answer was: cerrypie.

c'mon chline glückskäfer, spring uf de frankebon