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- Amy Mebberson   Disney/Hasbro Princess artist, creator of #PocketPrincesses & craft beer nerd. No online store, commissions or requests. Don’t repost my stuff please.

Now available at SDCC! The launch of the Disney Princess Comic Minis!! Stop by @hasbro  booth 3329 to see them & play in the Princess photo booth!! The figs are SO CUTE!

COMIC COOOON starts next Wed night! Will we see you there? If so, here’s where to find @silvaniart  & me! I’ll be doing signings & a panel, info to come! And don’t forget to grab your @hasbropulse  Little Mermaid Exclusive toy set from their booth & I’ll be happy to sign it! Commission list every day, original art, sketchbooks, Disney Comics & pins, we look forward to seeing you!! #sdcc 

Just finished a big storybook & latest wave of new toy designs(coming next year!). Just grabbed an ink brush I’d never used before and loosened up with my nerds before next project. ❤️ @thedisneyprincesses 

Cow Grl & Space Boi. #toystory 

Happy 4th of July you weirdos. #4thofjuly  @themuppets  @lamplightlounge 

One more! One of the sweet bonuses of having nerd besties like @scjacka  is inspiration like this. #toystory4  #vans  (Bo couldn’t be convinced that Jessie’s gotta rep her guy!!)

Trying to loosen up & re-find a more ‘my way’ style with cowgirl Jessie! #toystory  #procreate 

Well they can’t all be winners! @lamplightlounge  coaster sketches! @toystory  #toystory4 

Happy 40th birthday #muppetmovie . I remember seeing this on first release when I was 5. I still remember the rainbow at the beginning and being sad at the end when their set got trashed!! 😅. Meanwhile, here is a little sample of my Disney muppet work over the years(and one Indy mashup which was a commission!!! I’d love to work on Muppets again and I am happy to keep going on about it until Disney listens to me 😜 @themuppets 

Just announced from @hasbro ! A special Princess Comic Mermaid 3-pack will be a SDCC EXCLUSIVE!! these are the FIRST public releases of my new Princess Comic Mini line and what a way to launch!! I also designed the con-exclusive packaging. This is SO AWESOME of Hasbro to give my babies the vaunted status of Con Exclusive! These are only available at Hasbro’s booth & @hasbropulse  members can book their line reservations now! @thedisneyprincesses  @officialdisneycomics 

#junetoon2019  3 “Filmstrip”, starring Miss Boop-oop-a-Doop! (Yeah I’m behind, I have WORK! 😵)

Captain Marvel. I dig her Endgame look. #marvel  #mcu  #endgame