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- Anand Mangesh Bhawar   #जिंकणं_तर_माझ्या_रक्तातच_आहे.!!! #आणि हरणं ? #ती_जंगलात_राहतात 😏😏 Wish me on 26th August... My birthday 🎂

It is not possible in your life every situation in your fever. Some time you got a bad experience. Morel of the story is every good or bad situation what you learn for this its very important .😉 Be_happy

M.COM part 2 farewell party 2019. We had fun that day. Very awesome memories connect with this college & connect with new friends. Given various types of experience. Deferent challenge's. Feeling proud of my self. I am part of this college.

Nothing is permanent in life. Time will be change. APNA TIME AYEGA.😎

We had fun with my friend 🤙 in virar..🤘

Memorable performances... I was sing rap. With rohit suprising entry with bit boxing 💥🤘🤙

Just time pass shot.. bol do na jara...

Girgaon shobha yatra 2k19. 😊

Hum kal bhi vahi thye.. aaj bhi vahi hai... Bas logo ka hamari taraf dekh ne ka najarya badal gaya..💥😎 #nusta_swag 

Great time with clg buddys..