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- Anders Christian Madsen   Fashion Critic at British Vogue.

Portofino, you so fine x

Currently reliving the Portofino episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful with @gianlucalongogg  circa 2002. Tomorrow I’m going to pull his hair and throw him in the porto like Stephanie Forrester did it to Sally Spectra.

Could never resist a day at the beach #strandløve 

Venimus vidimus vicimus @sarrjamois  @fendi  📸 @denagia 

“Karl and I used to laugh at how Roman ladies are often overdressed. But I understand why. When you’re living in a palais with a Caravaggio on your wall, you have to dress up to get noticed.” - @silviaventurinifendi  ❤️ @fendi 

An ode to @maisonvalentino.  Couture makes you crazy. It’s amazing. (@jellison22  and I are available for bar mitzvahs, weddings and presidential inaugurations.)

An audience with @pppiccioli  💃🏼 @maisonvalentino  (SWIPE!)

How could Instagram stop working on @maisonvalentino  night? @pppiccioli  broke the internet. Swipe for the bow 💕

“Desire without reason” ❤️ @jgalliano  👑 @maisonmargiela  🦄