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πŸ’• Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin Dance me through the panic till I'm gathered safely in Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove Dance me to the end of love πŸ’•... Leonard Cohen The last of them. Take a sigh of relief #thewhirlwindromance  @thisdayforward_weddings  @ambermereinn  @forget_me_not_florals  @alextlpayne 

With final speeches shared, and laughs had at my new husbands expense, we hit the dance floor. We are so lucky to have been able to celebrate with an incredibly special group of people. #thewhirlwindromance  @forget_me_not_florals  @thisdayforward_weddings  @ambermereinn  @alextlpayne 

Reflecting on an amazing day and thankful for all the lovely words shared by family and friends. I particularly want to give a shout out to @emilywilk87  who made not only an extraordinarily delicious wedding cake but turned a family recipe into a work of art. I’m still dreaming of that cake. #weddingcake  #thewhirlwindromance  @forget_me_not_florals  @thisdayforward_weddings  @ambermereinn  @alextlpayne 

The festivities continued at the gorgeous @ambermereinn  with our very fun and stylish guests. More pics to come! #thewhirlwindromance  @thisdayforward_weddings  @alextlpayne 

Chilling on cliff tops with the best guys and girls I know (damn you all look so fine πŸ”₯). Have so much fun hanging out with this crew. Thanks for braving the heights with us and thanks to my bro for the lift. Love y’all! @alextlpayne  #breegodden  @hcontziu  @emilywilk87  @thesommelierswife  @danwilson00  @jstrang11  @simongazelle  #nickwatt  #thewhirlwindromance  @thisdayforward_weddings 

What a day! Couldn’t be happier to spend my life with this guy. Thanks to everyone who helped to make the ceremony so special including the bridal party, friends and family and the wonderful celebrant @megcocklecelebrant  . #thewhirlwindromance  @alextlpayne  @hcontziu  @emilywilk87  @thesommelierswife  @jstrang11  @danwilson00  @simongazelle  Images by @thisdayforward_weddings 

Just over three months ago @alextlpayne  and I spent the day with our friends and family celebrating our marriage. I’m excited to begin sharing photos from what was an incredible day. Thanks to @thisdayforward_weddings  for the photos @alyciahowle  and Krystie for HMU and @forget_me_not_florals  for the flowers #thewhirlwindromance  @emilywilk87  @hcontziu  @thesommelierswife  @jstrang11  @simongazelle  @danwilson00 

A very successful weekend! @alextlpayne  #thewhirlwindromance  thanks @thisdayforward_weddings  πŸ“Έ @forget_me_not_florals  πŸ’ @rachelgilbertau  πŸ‘—

Kakadu is a magical place. According to a recent study Australia is one of five countries that contain 70% of the world remaining untouched wilderness. A recent report by the WWF states humans are responsible for a wiping out 60% of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles since 1970, making places like Kakadu even more valuable to Australian wildlife. It is so important that Australia become a leader in the protection of biodiversity and these sacred sites. #kakadunationalpark  #kakadu  #seeaustralia  #australia  #nt  #northernterritory  #landscape  #whataview  #nikon  #d610  #koolpingorge 

Part of Buladjang country, Koolpin Gorge is known as Jarrangbarnmi and is believed to be created by the Jawoyn creation ancestors. Bula (the rainbow serpent) was said to have created the landscape before living underground. #kakadunationalpark  #kakadu  #koolpingorge  #jarrangbarnmi  #nt  #northernterritory  #australia  #seeaustralia  #nikon  #d610 

Only accessible to a limited number of visitors annually, a permit is required to visit the breathtaking Koolpin Gorge. After a 20-30 min walk upstream you are welcomed to the top of the gorge with spectacular views. The stillness of the pools are a perfect antidote to the heat, making the walk more than worth it. #kakadu  #kakadunationalpark  #koolpingorge  #northernterritory  #nt  #australia  #seeaustralia  #nikon  #d610  @alextlpayne