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I’m not an ambi-turner

Posted up on your timeline with some very sexually confusing content

I didn’t go to coachella, but I did drive all the way down there to take pictures and make it look like I did. • 📷 @malachibanales  • I love you @themccordlist  @iamrachelmccord  @wwdmagic  ❤️ • Wardrobe: @thelineanddot  Jewelry: @beljoy  Makeup: @glamsquad  Hair: @roguestyling 

Heard LA had record breaking winds last week

🔪🔪🔪 • 📷 @malachibanales  • Thank you so much @themccordlist  @iamrachelmccord  @wwdmagic  ❤️ • Jewelry: @beljoy  Makeup: @glamsquad  Hair: @roguestyling  Tan: @vitaliberata 

Wallaby? More like wallaBAE ammirite? Go check out this amazing rescue organization @wildwonderssd  thank you so much for having us and giving us such a unique and fun experience!

Idk the earth looks pretty flat here to me.

You know when your pet comes to lay on your lap and then you can’t move cause they’re too cute and you don’t want them to leave? This is just like that.

Shout out to anyone who can guess the exact number of splinters in my ass

Give it arrest with the cop jokes guys 🙄

In the wise words of Will Ferrell - “It’s the fucking Catalina Wine Mixer”

Mondays.... better to smile than to be a lil bitch 🤷🏻‍♀️ • 📷 // @sasserstillsboudoir