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Third time in US Vogue, first time shot by the queen Annie Leibovitz. Another tick off the to-do list. Thanks for the support you guys! Keep your eyes on this rising amazonian angel next to me @ariel.nicholson  I feel we need to keep the super tall girls alive in fashion because that IS fashion. Styling @saramoonves  Makeup @aarondemey1  Hair Styling @estherlangham  Hair Color: @kerastase_official 

@lucian_0  asked me to dance for him so I did.

Shirley Temple single handedly saved 20th Century Fox from bankruptcy during the Great Depression.❤️

People have a right to take time off and enjoy precious hours with loved ones but it’s hard to imagine a sadder 4th of July. Keep fighting the good fight whoever you are and wherever you are. Progress is not something handed over as a gift from the heavens it’s something that has always been wrenched from the powers that be by the people through mass struggle.

Now nobody ever said you have to stop twirling.

If I had to describe what pride means to me it would consist of two words... #freechelseamanning  @xychelsea87 

I just wanted to say hello @kerastase_official  #youdarewecare 

So saddened to hear about the events enfolding in Sudan but so inspired by the resilience of the people in their continuation of the general strike after more than 100 people were massacred and the Saudi backed military continues to commit crimes against humanity while enforcing mass censorship. I was similarly inspired earlier this year by events in Algeria and also when 200 million Indian workers went on strike. The historic thirst for freedom is something no elite can stop and something that the people will naturally continue to fight for until it exists for everyone, everywhere in every way. #sudan  #sudanrevolts  #standwithsudan 

Deep rest

Well you see I was just curious so I put on my kitten heels, I went to a party and I had a decent time. I didn’t think any of it was a crime until I saw you doing those things you do best.

Sergei Parajanov’s poetic masterpiece “The Color of Pomegranates” ❤️❤️❤️❤️