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First summer at #LakeOfBays  with @queenpancakepatty  and Charlotte. Lots of swimming and road tripping and barbecuing and diaper changing. But still found time to stop in and get Maggie a burger at Webers on the way north.

Charlotte loves mango.

A few new additions to Charlotte's diet this week... Cucumber with Mint + Basil, Roasted Turkey Thigh with Carrot + Sweet Potato, and Edamame + Broccoli. Making homemade baby food is fun!

The folks at @hambrgrhamilton  lurk somewhere between pure genius and pure evil. Case in point? Allow me to introduce The Canadian Burger - a special that was on offer last week. This bad boy burger was topped with bacon, peameal bacon and deep fried tempura battered cheese curds. A very tasty offering indeed!! #hamont  #hamonteats  #hamontfoodie  🥓 🥓 🥓 🥓 🥓 🍔 🍔 🍔 🍔 🍔

Homemade #babyfood . No additives. No preservatives. Just good healthy fresh ingredients.

Someone is getting pretty close to figuring out how this whole crawling thing is supposed to work.

Dinner tonight - oven roasted panko crusted chicken meatballs, Thai mango and coconut cream sauce with red peppers, raw asparagus salad with sesame seeds, lemon juice and dried chillies - all atop a big bowl of steamed basmati rice. #hamilton  #hamont  #dinner 

This is how we Sunday at Big Top Diner.

Saturday dinner at home with @queenpancakepatty  and Charlotte - boneless leg of lamb, cold new potatoes with Priorat Olive Oil and chives, and Butter Lettuce salad topped with lightly pickled red onions. #HamOnt  #Summer  #FamilyDinner 

Not sure if 7 months as a dad entitles me to all the typical Fathers Day privileges - but sure is a nice moment to reflect on the best life changing (not to mention diaper changing) experiences anyone could ever ask for. Friday was one of the first chances we've had to enjoy a family date out on the town. Watching Charlotte experience all manner of first tastes and sites and sounds and life experiences must one of the best perks of being a dad. Feeling lucky and thankful to have these two lovely ladies in my life.

Southeast Asian street food straight off the charcoal grill on the patio at @thediplomathamont.  This stuff is rockstar material!! Incredibly tasty food! Cambodian beef skewers - ribeye marinated in tumeric and lime leaf. Then, lemongrass, lime leaf, rice noodle and chicken stuffed boned chicken wings.

Lunch with Charlotte at the @thefrenchhamont.  She likes charcuterie - but prefers foie and chicken liver mousse.