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⚓️Canal⚓️ . . . This is Christianshavn. ⚓️✨A similar place to Nyhavn, not too far away, on the other side of the main canal. I’d say its a little less touristic than the Nyhavn area, but it’s at least as beautiful as Nyhavn. ☺️⚓️Full of colorful houses and cute little boats, this place is ideal for taking photos at any time of the day. ☀️🙌If you’re ever visiting Copenhagen, make sure to check it out for yourself!☺️🤟 . . . #travellingthroughtheworld  #christianshavn  #copenhagen  #delditkbh  #fairytalephotography  #europe_vacations  #kobenhavn  #wonderful_places  #living_europe  #magyarig  #vscohungary  #magyarinsta  #travelling_europe  #visitcopenhagen  #beautifuldestinations  #living_europe  #super_europe  #cbviews  #europestyle  #ig_europe  #besteurope  #travelandleisure 

🤙Boat life🤙 . . . This is a photo of me being me 😂 Shoutout to @just_call_me_gian  for taking it 🙏🙌 For me, being myself means being foolish, it means crossing boundaries and just trying to live life to the fullest 🐵This might sound cliche, but I’m always having a good time, no matter what I’m doing🐵 I guess it just comes down to your mentality ☺️🙌 Sooo the story behind this photo: Last Friday we had our summer party at @kubbandco  and our whole agency sailed out to explore the canals around Copenhagen. I got the chance to not only drive one of these bad boys, but the chance to hang out with my colleagues who are by the way some of the coolest people I know. It was pure fun! 🙌 Shoutout to @emilsluka  @renarskaulins  @kerti.suur  @han0ka  @heysandybell  @chriskubby  @kamalqader  @just_call_me_gian  @problematic_citizen  @beczpeter  @kasper_r_guldberg  plus Lis and Danny, thanks for being awesome! ❤️🤟

⚓️Nyhavn⚓️ . . . Nyhavn is simply my favorite spot in Copenhagen. 🙈 It might be touristy, it might get crowded and it might be all over everything, but its just my favorite. 😅 The cute, colorful houses, the armada of ships and boats and the reflections on the surface of the canal are just making this spot completely fairytale-like. ⚓️✨ What else do you need for a perfect spot? ☺️🙌

🥀Falling🥀 . . . Sometimes life feels like a free fall. You freak out, you panic, but you don’t have a choice. Stay strong, push through, let things flow. Do your best, and hope things will turn out right. You don’t have a choice. 🤟

🌼Camomile🌼 . . . As you guys might know by now, I love taking flowers and I love taking pictures of them. 😌🌼This time I focused on wildflowers and I just love how this photo turned out with all the lovely camomile and the lights in the background. 😍🌼✨ Every year I try to capture as many flowers as possible. 😌 Last year this time I visited a lovely lavender field ( @koroshegyilevendulas  )close to Balaton where I captured some of my favorite photos of that year. ☺️This time I returned, but some how it was different, the place was different (more popular) and my approach was different as well. Last year I tried to capture everything and I ended up capturing hundreds of lavender photos that I could have been posting for like a year after. 😅This time I was more lazy, less motivated and of course there was nothing new to the place, so that’s why I rather turned to taking photos of wildflowers 🤷‍♂️☺️

🏛Sagrada Familia🏛 . . . Honesty is valuable to me, so I would like to be honest on this platform as well. This means that sometimes I will share posts that I’m not completely happy with, or I sometimes straight up disappointed with. It’s just how it is, sometimes things can go south and no matter how hard you try you can’t help it. 🤷‍♂️ I’ve honestly never been more disappointed in my camera gear than when I was trying to capture this otherwise beautiful building.😂 The Sagrada Familia is just so tall, the spaces around it are so tight, you really need to have a wide angle lens with you if you want the perfect composition. On the other side, I was quite naive and I didn’t expect the army of cranes to frame the building, as everyone else is editing these out of their photos.😂🤟 Anyways, here is my take on the Sagrada Familia, after all life can simply just give you lemons sometimes. 🍋🍋🍋

🌊Back at it🌊 . . . My social media breaks are becoming quite regular by now, the times when I was posting on this platform every day seem to be gone. Times change, life goes on and time has changed me as well. I’m no longer a student, I’m not pursuing photography as a profession anymore and most importantly I realized that attention and recognition doesn’t fulfill me. Maybe a combination of all these things led up to this point where I am however still taking pictures, I am simply not posting them on Instagram on a regular basis. Besides acknowledging all this, I still love this platform and I still love you all, so I am trying my best to get back to posting more often and I will try to keep up with you and this insanely fast paced world we are living in. Hope you missed some of my presence, hope you still welcome my photos and more importantly I hope we can still be friends guys! 🐵🤟

✨Tibidabo✨ . . . Do you believe that there is a super natural being / force that looks after us?😇 . Okey, this post might be a little bit too much, but I lately got to think a lot about stuff, so here goes nothing. 🤷‍♂️ I would say that I’m an atheist, but I still have a weird feeling that there is someone up there you know.. now writing this post I feel super stupid, but I think it’s quite exciting how we are all connected or separated by our beliefs.🤓 My weird secret habit: every time I visit a new place I search for the largest, most monumental place to say a “prayer” and run a little inner “convo” with whoever is up there watching after us.👀 I did it in every country I ever visited, somehow it makes me feel good. 😌✨🙏 Do you have a weird secret like this?😅

✨Views✨ . . . What is your favorite view? ☺️✨ . This week I was sick and I had to spend way too much time in bed. I had some time to reflect, dream and think about my plans and goals for the upcoming year. 🙏 While I started working full time and I am now dedicating most of my time to my work, I am definitely missing creating content. It’s one thing to work with social media and be a practitioner, but it’s another thing to be a creator.😅 I believe that I am a creator, I love to do creative things and besides knowing the strategic and business sides of social media in the first place I got into it because I started taking pictures and sharing them on Instagram. 🤷‍♂️ As I realized that I miss creating content a million ideas started to rush through my mind such as: let’s create a blog, oh I should start a podcast or the good old let’s start doing YouTube. I don’t know what outlet I will find for my creativity yet, but I know that I will soon start working on something exciting! Maybe it will be a blog, maybe it will be videos.. we will see. 😇 Let me know what do you think, which one I should go for!🐵

🌪Stormy🌪 . . . The adventures of my trench coat in Paris were limited to an especially long, stormy day. These pictures however are somehow my favorites from Paris, they are just so moody!🌪🌧 This picture was snapped a couple of days before the Notre-Dame incident happened, it was such an insane event, that made me realize maybe I should slow down a little bit and really try to take in every little bit of the cities I visit.😪 On the positive side it also made me realize that there is very little time to waste in life, which inspired me to push through the latest period of my life with a 1000% effort!☺️🙌

🏢Blocks🏢 . . . Sooo after an almost one month long break I’m back again. I had multiple breaks like this by now, so I guess you’re pretty used to me randomly disappearing by now 😅🤷‍♂️ What could I say? Hope you weren’t counting me out! 😂🙌 Lately I’m all about working hard and well, working at a creative agency can get you pretty busy! 🐵 At the moment I don’t have a clear direction in my mind for my Instagram, I don’t have any planned getaways, but I was like hey I need to get back to my roots. I need to post more. So I’ll be doing that from now on! At least I’ll try 🤷‍♂️ Brave yourselfs for some architecture shots from Paris? After that probably I will be back with some Photos from Barcelona and after that... well we will see! 😂 Stay tuned! ☺️