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- Andy Maser   3 time Emmy Award winning director + dp of commercial / documentary / branded content

I've been collaborating a bit lately with @sealegacy , an ocean conservation organization launched by my amigos @paulnicklen  and @cristinamittermeier.  They're both legends of conservation photography and as a duo they're totally unstoppable. We've been friends and collaborators for 10 years now and their influence has totally skyrocketed over those years. Kudos to you guys you're killing it. Excited to keep making work together that makes a difference. RED Helium x Super Speeds #R3D 

The farmer, he must feed them all. Land O Lakes / National Geographic Creative @wideawaketoo  🤚🤚🤚

Filmed some stuff. @unitedway  @bvkhq  RED Monstro and Helium with K35s. #R3D 

😍 Love this one. Makes films that premiere at Sundance and will paddle out on a big day. Keeper! 🎥🏄‍♀️♥️

Lights/camera/action. I spend a lot of my time out in wild places directing and shooting documentary or docu-commercial films. And I really love that kind of work. But then other times I'm on a set with an incredible crew of folks making legit, real deal commercials. That diversity keeps it fun. And I know that spending time in each genre helps make my work in the other stronger. So I'm really thankful to have the opportunity to cross back and forth, collaborate with people in each world and make good work.

NatGeo x Google in Cambodia. #R3D 

Arctic midday light. @nathangarofalos  on the sticks of the @gyrostabilizedsystems  in Norway. I love collaborating with people that are way more talented than me. @paulnicklen  @cristinamittermeier  @idoaerials  #R3D 

United Way Worldwide. Just gearing up to shoot another campaign with these folks. Working in B&W is fun. #R3D 

BC bound to lay eyes on the Great Bear Rainforest IMAX film for the first time on the hugs screen. Thinking it'll look different on a hundred foot screen than it did in the field on a 7inch monitor. That'll be a big ass bear.

@paulnicklen  searching for orcas in Norway this past November. Check out @sealegacy  to learn more about the ocean conversation work Paul and @cristinamittermeier  have dedicated their lives to. Red Helium Weapon x Super Speeds. #R3D