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- Arlene Joy Santos 🇵🇭   🔸NPC Bikini 👙 🔸Fitness is life 💥 🔸Fit Mum of 2👫 🔸Chicago > LA 👻 🔸Spread kindness & enjoy life 🥰 @nutrishopusa

Miss my hometown. The architecture in Chicago is absolute art! Definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world. ❤️ . . . Millennium Park

5 generations strong...A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give. 💕 . My grandmother will be turning 99 this year and I'm grateful that she is here to see her great great grandbaby Ezra Reign. . 🥰

My precious grandbaby, my bundle of JOY 🥰 . . . Ezra Reign 💕👸🏻

Had to see my @cubs  play while I was in town ⚾️ . . . Love my hometown ❤️

As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are. ~Buddha quote . . . My mini getaways are always the best 💕

Miss these beauties 👸🏻 . . . #TBT  San Diego trip May 2019

That one friend who makes you laugh till you almost pee 🥰 . . . Real friendship 💕

My little perfect bundle of Joy 💕 . I seriously can't get enough of her 🥰 . Ezra Reign

The BEST Mother's Day gift...I couldn't have asked for anything else. My two girls are doing well and my baby girl is absolutely gorgeous! 🥰 . . . Welcome Ezra Reign Proffitt ❤️💕

Been MIA but still grinding. I miss my home gym. Trying to find a new place is not fun 😭

Self care consists of many GOOD HABITS ❤️⁣ .⁣ It's good to do uncomfortable things such as weight training. It will be a part of my life till I can't do it anymore 💪🏼⁣ .⁣ You owe yourself the love that you give so freely to others. Be generous with yourself. I love that I'm focusing more on me. It's something I've needed to do a while ago 🥰⁣ .⁣ Mental cleanses I'm working on:⁣ -Set 2 realistic goals you would like to achieve⁣ -Go for a walk⁣ -Read a book ⁣ -Eat your meals without being on socal media⁣ -Meditate for 10 mins and focus on your breathing ⁣ -Give yourself affirmations and look in the mirror as you do it⁣ -Write down 3 great things that happened today ⁣ -Compliment a stranger ⁣ -My fave is a NO complaint day! This should be everyday⁣ -Always remenber to love yourself first and everything else falls in line ❤️

Happy Earth Day 🌎 . . . In the still silence of nature where you can find true bliss 🥰