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Lets talk anxiety. - After having my third baby, it got worse. Lately I’ve been working on it. I actually leave the house and battle the fight to speak to cashiers while looking them in the eye, to fellow shoppers when I need to get by. It’s just that bad. - The other day I actually took my youngest three to the park, it was a juggling act but I did it. We may have waited in the car for 20 minutes for 3 buses filled with a baseball team to leave but hey 😂 Today I took all 4 to a local shop for paint 🎨 . Slowly I’m working on myself, for me, and for my kids. 💚 and all in all, I’m so proud. Happy FriYAY! 🥳 - (Thank you for all my DMs and love, i truly love you all!) hoping to check off the struggle bus soon 🚌😂 - #SocialAnxiety  #MomsUnite  #MomsStrong  #MotherhoodStruggles  #MotherhoodThroughInstagram  #MotherOfMuggles  #SheDressedHerselfOk 

Gabe is a teething machine! @malarkeykidsinc  has the best solution. It’s the #munchmitt  ! Attached right to his fist so he’s chewing on the BPA free mitt! - I’ve decided to share this helpful product by hosting a giveaway! - TWO winners will be selected! 💚 ••••• » like this post » tag friends! Each comment is an entry! » make sure to follow both @armyofmuggles  & @malarkeykidsinc  - The giveaway will run for two days, ending the 22nd. Winner will be announced March 23rd! 💚 - Goodluck! 😬💚 *Giveaway is no way sponsored by Instagram. @brandingmonster  #teething  #teether 

I hope one day my kids grow up and think that the best things we ever gave them, was each other. 🖤 - - This weekend we received 4 little friends form @cuddleandkind  and everyone is absolutely in love with them! 🥰 I may be a tad obsessed. - »They’re handmade is Peru. »Every 1 doll sold is 10 meals for children in need. This company is nothing short of amazing! ✨

Rising & thriving this Tuesday morning after a crappy Monday. 😴 #ReadyToThrive  - - They’re so easy to make, all the ingredients to blend are already in the cup I just added almond milk! Poured it right back in the cup and was good to go! My fav part of @readytothrivebrand  was no added sugar! They’re found at any local @target  🥰

Jumping straight into my Monday with the best copilots! (#ad ) @Starbucks  blonde Coffee & @lindt_chocolate ! 🍫 I love testing out every flavor, but the limited edition ones are always so exciting. ☕️ - - Lindt is by far my favorite with the way it melts, I love to put it in my coffee as a treat at the bottom! They pair so well together 😍 they’re both available at your local @krogerco  #LindtStarbucksKroger 

I am one ‘lucky mama’, happy St. Patrick’s day! 🍀💚

The best personal/household care line 🌿 Layla loves them too! @attitude_living  #AttitudeLiving  #Vegan  #CrueltyFree 

My squishy Gabey Wabey 💚 he is such a happy baby. 👶🏻

There isn’t anything this kid loves more than snacking! (#ad ) what he doesn’t know is he’s eating well and healthy with the  hummus! Free of preservatives and GMOs. - - We picked up the roasted red pepper hummus at @krogerco  and so far they have the best home made food! #FountainofHealthatKroger 

This picture is blurry, but I couldn’t not share, this girl loves her food! 😂 - she’s always rambunctious and clumsy just like her momma, so that’s why @avanchyshop  Bamboo plates are best for us. They suction right to the table! 💚

The best part of shopping at @meijerstores  🐎 “After over 50 years, a pony ride is still a penny!” #SandyTheMeijerHorse  #MeijerStore  #SandyGramSweeps  #SandyGramSweepstakes 

Enjoying her blueberry applesauce from @onceuponafarm  🍏 she also loves the Peter Banana Pumpkin Eater. 🍌🎃 flavor! I love them too, because they’re farm-fresh & organic 😍