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Happy Friday Friends . . I just broke the 🎾... Cos I can! I just 💩 under the clothes line.. Cos I can! Why did I do that?... Cos SHE is leaving ME for a month! . . Well it’s not all bad, I’ve got myself an Au-Pair which is the fancy name for a Nanny (AKA Dog sitter) 😂 . . So SHE will be visiting my mate @mr.shadow.socklover  in 🇨🇦 which is pretty cool! . . So while SHE is away I’ll be thinking of my GF💕 @millybluefawn  and my other gorgeous chickies @freyathepied  @retta_sue_staffy  @bellabyname_bellabynature  @karmathestaffyx  @stormthestaffy  💜.. I’ll be missing all the adventures my mate @mr.max.doggy  goes on and all the parties with @hemi.the.boerboel  @life_of_cooper1  @barkie_arkie  🍻🍺 Just hope my other crazy mates @alvin_and_pals  @staffhoonaz  @floyd_thebluestaffy  @eddie_the_uk_blue_staffy  @thelifeofbaxta  all stay outta trouble 😂.. As if that’s gonna happen! I’ll miss all the CUTE pics from @nugget_and_squishy  @murphy_and_maia  💙💖 BUT I’ll still be on the lookout for the Ear Burglar along with my captain @maxwell.the.staffy  👂. . . So I’ll see you all in a month, maybe the odd post if SHE can! Love to everyone, . . #bluestaffy  #cuteststaffy  #bestdog  #paws  #bluedog  #dogsofperth  #perthpooch  #hunk  #arnieblueterminator  #endbsl  #mumsboy  #lovernotafighter  #staffy  #staffiesofinstagram  #instadog  #famous 

Hi everyone... Just me and my mate Sonny @thelifeofsonny  waiting patiently for our treats from @barkerylanetreats  🍰... These were a gift from my gorgeous buddy @walkin.with.memphis  and this was the message... read below ⬇️ . . It’s Barkery Lanes birthday and Arnie I got you, I hope my yummy choices bring you joy with every chew! So Arnie the Staffy, coming to you is a blue coconut doughnut because you’re gorgeous and blue. And a blue sweetheart biscuit to give Milly your pretty fawn boo💙 I’m sending a carob and yoghurt frothy for a first birthday toast, And a golden gaytime for those hot beach days to ensure you dont roast And last but not least, I chose my favourite treat too, A slice of Barkery Lane pizza sent with love from me to you. From Memphis . . Don’t forget to follow @millybluefawn  💕💛 my GF @baily1320  🖤 my twin @life_of_cooper1  my other twin . Follow my original IG gang @staffy_spoons  @mr.max.doggy  @retta_sue_staffy  @fauxherders  @sbt_junior  @bellabyname_bellabynature  @charlierose.lillisnow  @mr.shadow.socklover  @ruby_reddog  . . Follow these Woofin Good Lookin Buddies @barkie_arkie  @karmathestaffyx  @flokithebluestaffy  @goodboy.dusty  @eddie_the_uk_blue_staffy  @alvin_and_pals  @staffhoonaz  . . #bluestaffy  #perthpooch  #dogsofperth  #cutestdog  #friends  #treats  #staffy  #bluedog  #endbsl 

Hey Charlie... yeah you ya old fart, this post is just for YOU!... 💚💜💚 . . So there’s been bloody loads of tears lately all thanks to you. I’ve been wiping my eyes all day, better than wiping my bum I guess😜..... ohhh 💩 I shouldn’t say that!. . . Anyways I’m not able to say much more cos my paws are shaking as I’m typing and there’s more tears streaming down my whiskers which isn’t good for my tuff guy image. But I just wanna let you know old @charliethehappystaffy  that I love you. Ohh 💩, this $%*+ing tuff . . LOVE YOU, From me (pumpkin head) Mum and Ella, Dad and Marley . . #charliethehappystaffy 

Happy Valentines Day to Everyone ❤️especially my GF. . . To my beautiful GF @millybluefawn  ❤️ Roses are Red My fur is Blue I can’t beleive how lucky I am To have a girlfriend like You❤️ . . I’d also like to give a big manly hug to my mate @odinthebullmastiff  Who sent me this gorgeous bandana from @tailwaggingthreads  💕I’ve been waiting until today to wear it, AND you might have noticed my Bling 💎.. My best bud @staffy_spoons  Knows me too well and sent me this cool Tag “Heart Stealer, Fart Dealer” 😂love love love it! If you scroll ▶️ you will also see me name tag from @ragnarandloki  And my Furfriend Tag from Floydy Boy💙.... ohh yeah, my super stylish collar is from @nitroandskye  Which I won in a giveaway from @dunda_from_downunder  . . Big woofouts to all my other chicky babes 💕 @claudiasvalleylife  @keepingupwithasiaekko  . . Follow my original IG gang @staffy_spoons  @mr.max.doggy  @retta_sue_staffy  @fauxherders  @sbt_junior  @bellabyname_bellabynature  @charlierose.lillisnow  @mr.shadow.socklover  @ruby_reddog  @charliethehappystaffy  . . @millybluefawn  💕💛 my GF . . Thursday Thunks (True Hunks) 🖤 @baloo_waddlesworth  @barkie_arkie  @ragnarandloki  @life_of_cooper1  @billie.thestaffy  @junior_boon_  @braunthegrumpy  @c00per_the_kelpie  @eddie_thebluestaffy  @norman_the_staffy  @mr_dexter_staffy  @blue_steele_amstaff  @tobyuber  @lifeofraiju  @gus_thestaffy  @itsme_teddytherescuepug  @teddy__the_pug  @buddy_in_colour  @staffymama  Dice @zeus_the_english_staffy  @alvin_and_pals  @flokithebluestaffy  @staffhoonaz  @buster.ferrett  @thelifeofbaxta  @dustyntuckerdogs  . #valentines  #love  #staffy  #bluestaffy  #dogsofperth  #perthpooches  #heartbreaker 

Happy Wednesday.... . . On Wednesday we wear Pink💕.. and now I’m off to celebrate @tequilarising  #tequilas1stbirthdaysurprise  . . Follow my GF @millybluefawn  💕 . . Follow my original IG gang @staffy_spoons  🥄 @mr.max.doggy  @retta_sue_staffy  @fauxherders  @sbt_junior  @bellabyname_bellabynature  @charlierose.lillisnow  @mr.shadow.socklover  @ruby_reddog  @charliethehappystaffy  . . Wednesday Woofas 🧡 Ranga Ruffheads @sunshine_the_staffy  @koota_murphy_sbt  @rocket_the_red_staffy  @arnold_thestaffy  @tyga_pupdates  @ruggedly_handsome_ruger  R.I.P. @baileyboyridgeback  @chunk.e.bear  R.I.P @c00per_the_kelpie  @franklin_cocker  @sillybillie_odiebear  🧡Ranga Angel Wanna be part of this list, DM me🧡⭐️ . . From yesterday cos I didn’t post 😂 Tuesday TweetHearts 💕Arnies Angels . @stormthestaffy  @karmathestaffyx  @ivy_the_english_staffy  @cleo_the_blue_goddess  @freyathepied  @sasha_pointermix  @missmollystaff  @jordie.and.olive  @charli_the_blue_staffy  @littlelolablue  @mysoph_taytay  @miss_jesse_girl  @ourstaffysadie  @kali_bluebear  @violetathestaffy  @violetrose_bluestaffy  @jersey.staffy  @stormi_blu_  @bellarosiegreen  @precious_metals44  Ava💛 @tizianalorena  Molly🖤 @saltythefloppyearedstaffy  @arabellathebluestaffy  @miss_jagger_  . . 💖Wanna be an Arnies Angel?.. DM Me💞 . Remember the dayzzz . Monday Blues💙... blue dogs Tuesday Tweethearts Arnies Angels 💖 Wednesday Woofas Ranga Ruffheads 🧡 Thursday THunks 🖤 True Hunks Friday Families 💚 Saturday Sassy Stylish Spunky & Chunky Sunday Seniors 💛 . . #bluestaffy  #staffy  #mondayblues  #cutestdog  #staffy  #staffylove  #smile  #dogsofinstagram  #dogsofperth  #perthpooches  #perthisok  #happystaffy  #staffordshirebullterrier  #endbsl  #mates  #love  #lovedogs  #arnieblueterminator  #mumsfavourite  . . Neckwear 💛💙 Collar by @nitroandskye  Bow tie by @dapperdorable  Flower stolen from little sister 💕😂

Buddies and babes... I’m here!💛 . . So my buddy @ruggedly_handsome_ruger  is celebrating his birthday at the 🌈beach, I thought I’d patrol in my Surf Life Saving gear cos it’s yellow and that’s the colour to support Cancer💛. . . So my day started with a cruise on @hemi.the.boerboel  yacht with my mates  @maximos_cash512  @life_of_cooper1  then I got all dressed up ready to pilot the chopper with @charliethehappystaffy  cos the chunky one @arnold.brutus  hitched a ride in the girls bus with @lotzy4_jessieblu  🚌... anyways, bloody old boy Charlie 🤮 on me as I got in the chopper... man I was pissed!... luckily my mate @georgewilsonpalliativecaredog  was happy to pick me up 💛 . . Remember peeps there’s loads of Awsome prizes to win so please follow all hosts... 💛💛💛 . . #happybirthdayangelruger  #love  #fuckcancer  . . @charliethehappystaffy  @kruz_the_staffy  @life_of_cooper1  @hemi.the.boerboel  @xbonescouture  @barkerylanetreats 

Happy Friday .... 💛💛💛 . . So today I decided to colour my hair Yellow for the big party tomorrow night 💛💛 #happybirthdayangelruger  . . Sadly my mate @ruggedly_handsome_ruger  passed over the 🌈bridge a few days ago, it would have been his 7th birthday tomorrow so a few of us crazy mates got together and decided to have a Party woohoo.... . . For all the proper details head over to the Old Boy @charliethehappystaffy  💛💛💛 . . Just giving a woofout to all the other yellow dogs out there... @thelifeofbaxta  @rydersgoldenadventures  @skye_and_riley  @life_of_cooper1  @lunas_golden_life  @goldenboyinthecity  @my_golden_charlie  @bodhi.thegoldenretriever  @sunshine_the_staffy  ... I know he’s a Ranga 😂🧡🧡💛💛 @danger__the__labradoodle  @tyga_pupdates  😂🧡💛 @mygoldencooper  @cooperthegoldenr  @jojothecockerspaniel  @joey_thelabrador  @ben_goldencocker  @billybarker7  . . Please everyone join in. #fuckcancer  #cancersucks  #dogswithcancer  #love  . . Thankyou @hemi.the.boerboel  💙💛 shhhhh

It’s Thursday.. that means it’s #TBT  . . That’s me on the left in my bandana, I was only one year old, that’s my mate Duke, he was awsome... . . So, I have a little story to tell you, it’s a love story just in time for Valentine’s Day ❤️. In October 2016 my mum and Dukes mum met on IG as they were both into running etc.. yeah crazy hey! Anyways our mums decided they would compete in the next Spartan challenge but it was in Qld where Duke lived, we lived in SA. Then one of Dukes friends decided to join our mums, that was @marley_madness  .... well then her dad John got chit chatting to my mum, he even drove from Qld to SA just to meet mum. Well anyways you could say it was instant Love❤️..a few months later mum packed up all our stuff and me and mum drove from Adelaide to Mackay... and that’s how we became family. . . Aww yeah, they never did the Spartan, mum got pregnant and now we have Ella💕. . . Mum and dad say it’s all about timing, I reckon it’s cos I was so damn cute!.. but either way I’m the happiest woofa ever! . . So today I’m giving woofout to a fre Mates who’s humans are getting married soon 💕💕 @karma.the.american.staffy  @alvin_and_pals  . . Kisses to my GF @millybluefawn  . . #love  #friends  #soulmates  #bluestaffy  #arnieblueterminator  #perthpooches 

WINNERS🏆WINNERS🏆WINNERS . . #barkingbigaussieday  Party was a huge success. Thankyou to everyone who joined in. It was a difficult task deciding on winners, due to this we’ve added additional prizes for more winners 🏆❤️. . . CONGRATULATIONS TO... . Best Dressed Hunk 🖤@hubo.toughtails  Best Dressed Hunkette 💗 @roxyrescued  . Best BBQ tips 🥩 @kevin_the_amstaff  . Most Sporty we couldn’t decide on one winner so we picked two 😂😂 @colliecollision  @dustyntuckerdogs  . Most Aussie Themed Party, again it was a tie 😂😂 @stoickthedal  @kelpietwitch  . Best Duo/Group/Family ... yep again we couldn’t decide on one winner so we chose @baylei_and_bandit  @ivy_and_prada  . Our International Honourary Aussie was the toughest category... congrats @roxy_and_boogie  @mizdaisydoodle  @hemi.the.boerboel  @odinthebullmastiff  @baconthecanecorso  . . We had sooo many amazing entries that we decided to include a few extra special winners 💛 . Most Aussie Slang @charliethehappystaffy  . Best Transport, our two party buses were sensational! @lotzy4_jessieblu  💕 @maximos_cash512  💙 . Aussie Lariken Hunk 💙 @stanley_the_sweetboxer  Aussie Lariken Hunkette 💕 @lanathebluestaffy  . The Dancing Queens... you girls rocked the dance floor @embracingkarma  @foxyroxystaffy  @clovergirl2015  . . All winners will be contacted by one of the hosts... @arnie_blue_terminator  @thelifeofbaxta  @jimmy_and_his_world  @danger__the__labradoodle  @baileyboyridgeback  @rydersgoldenadventures  @life_of_cooper1  . . Thankyou to EVERYONE who partied with us.... . . PS... I have personally added a few extra gifts for a few mates that I just loved!... but you’ve gotta DM me if this is you... I’ve scrambled your name 😂 Onffohzassattna Xamatteffsarhky

Happy weekend pals... . . I took the family for a drive today, I let Dad drive😜 I just hung in the back with little sis while the big stinker @marley_madness  chilled in the canopy.... mum was riding shotgun! . . Perfect day explorering the great outdoors, mum got bitten by one of them Big 🐜 so she winged and winged😂. . . . Just wanna give a big woofout to a random selection of my mates... 😎💛🖤  @alvin_and_pals  @poppythegingerstaffy  @lola.n.stitch  @lola_the_blue_staff  @tyga_pupdates  🧡 @obiethetoller  @ivandog313  @mister_hendrix_too  @lilstherescuepup  @montyjedda_labradors  @eddie_the_uk_blue_staffy  @murphystaffador  @gary_thestaffy  @staffhoonaz.stan  @lanathebluestaffy  @princeharleythelab  @jimmy_and_his_world  @blue.aston  @nitro_pottsy  @rani_americanstaffy  @angelbluestaffy  @joey_thelabrador  @ivy_the_english_staffy  @ivy_and_prada  @1_day_in_the_life_of_maya  @10_4.roger.roger  @1bigblueduke  @bluebearthestaffy  . . #bluestaffy  #staffy  #cuteststaffy  #lovestaffies  #bestfriends  #perthisok  #perthpooches  #dogsofperth  #smile  #arnieblueterminator  #family  #bigbrother  #besties  #traveldogs  #aussiedog 

STOLEN!!... our Staffie brothers and sisters are being stolen from backyards in Queensland. Dog Fighting Scumbags are out and about so PLEASE keep your babies safe. QLD Police are investigating numerous attempted stealing’s and unfortunately stolen dogs. . . Thankyou @buddy_in_colour  for bringing this to our attention. . . #dogsofqld  #dogsofqueensland  @qldstaffyrescue 

Thankful Thursday... 💙 It’s a BIG woofin Thankyou to my gorgeous friend @keepingupwithasiaekko  who sent me this beautiful bandana from @styleforpuppers  ... ohh yeah, see I’m a Prince🤴... . . . On other news, the massive #barkingbigaussieday  was a massive hit! We are still going thru all entries but a decision will be made on Friday.. ❤️ . Follow my original IG gang @staffy_spoons  @mr.max.doggy  @retta_sue_staffy  @fauxherders  @sbt_junior  @bellabyname_bellabynature  @charlierose.lillisnow  @mr.shadow.socklover  @ruby_reddog  @charliethehappystaffy  . . @millybluefawn  💕💛 my GF . . Thursday Thunks (True Hunks) 🖤 @ragnarandloki  @life_of_cooper1  @billietherescuestaffy  @junior_boon_  @braunthegrumpy  @c00per_the_kelpie  @eddie_thebluestaffy  @norman_the_staffy  @mr_dexter_staffy  @blue_steele_amstaff  @tobyuber  @lifeofraiju  @gus_thestaffy  @itsme_teddytherescuepug  @teddy__the_pug  @buddy_in_colour  @staffymama  Dice @zeus_the_english_staffy  @alvin_and_pals  @flokithebluestaffy  . . Remember the dayzzz... if you wanna join any of my lists just DM Me Monday Blues💙... blue dogs Tuesday Tweethearts Arnies Angels 💖 Wednesday Woofas Ranga Ruffheads 🧡 Thursday THunks 🖤 True Hunks Friday Families 💚 Saturday Sassy Stylish Spunky & Chunky Sunday Seniors 💛 #bluestaffy  #staffy  #mondayblues  #cutestdog  #staffy  #staffylove  #smile  #dogsofinstagram  #dogsofperth  #perthpooches  #perthisok  #happystaffy  #staffordshirebullterrier  #endbsl  #mates  #love  #lovedogs  #arnieblueterminator  #mumsfavourite