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When ya trying to sleep but ya got Cat prowling around! 🐯🦁🐱🌴 . . This is ridiculous a damn leopard on a cushion on MY bed! . . Woofouts to my feline friends  @_boo_casper  @patrickthehousecat  @ravaldandjons  . . On a serious note, this totally awsome cushion is from @lalunaseven  in Perth, they have awsome stuff AND they are pawrents to @bluefawnsadie  . . #dogsofperth  #bluestaffy  #love  #lovecatsanddogs  #staffylove 

Do you know what today is??? . . It’s the big stinkers 5th birthday πŸ’©πŸ’¨ . Happy birthday to my big sister @marley_madness  🧑 you are the best big sister ever! My best friend! . . #family  #chochlab  #labxkelpie  #ranga  #birthday  #birthdaygirl  #bestfriend  #dogsofperth 

Embarrassing !... . . Pink Fury Leopard Scarf... no leopards were hurt in the making of this πŸ’–πŸ˜‚ . . Happy Birthday @goodboy.dusty  and thanks for making this Fun #dustysleopardparty  #litasaleopard  . . Come join in the fun everyone πŸ’•πŸ’– And meet these crazy woofies @sir_spud_staffy  @staffy_spoons  @bronson_thebluestaffy  @dustythestaffy101  @willow_the_blue_staffy  @willowthestaffy_  @chief_thebluestaffy  @hamishmcstaffy  @baloo_waddlesworth  @tyga_pupdates  @stormthestaffy  @ivy_the_english_staffy  @charliethehappystaffy  . . #bluestaffy  #dogsofperth  #hunk  #staffy  #partydog 

Happy Friday Pooches . . The very handsome 12 year old Digby @crazydoglady74  is celebrating his 5th gotcha day!.. so he’s asked us all to dress up as our favourite Super HeroπŸ’š #digbyssupawheropawty  . . The INCREDIBLE HULK is my favourite so I’m wearing my Hulk bandana and denim vest, it shows my muscles, and chicks love muscles 😎πŸ’ͺ . . It would be really great if everyone could get involved, if you have no clothes then just come along naked, that makes it easier for the nudie runs we do at midnight πŸ˜‚ . . So I’m shouting out to a few party pooches.. @millybluefawn  πŸ’–πŸ’•GF @baylei_and_bandit  @roxyrescued  @life_of_cooper1  @baloo_waddlesworth  @baxandryder  @lola_the_bluestaffy_  @lanathebluestaffy  ❀️ @jet_bluestaffy  @kevin_the_amstaff  @ted_n_george  @floyd_thebluestaffy  @junior_boon_  @jimmy_and_his_world  @ivy_the_english_staffy  @sillybillie_odiebear  @charliethehappystaffy  @jaxandkye  . . Bandana from @toby.the.english.staffy  @saltythefloppyearedstaffy  . . #partypooch  #perthpooch  #dogsofperth  #party  #rescuedogs  #adoptdontshop 

Happy Thursday πŸ’•πŸ–€ . . Did you know that June is the month for #braincancerawareness  so in support of this I’m wearing my beanie.. ok ok it’s mums beanie πŸ₯° . . If you’d like to join in and show your support please do and make sure you Tag @georgewilsonpalliativecaredog  who made me aware of this.. . . #beaniesforbraincancer  #beanies4braincancer  #beaniesforsteven  #braincancer  #supportcancerawareness  . . Big woofout today to some of my friends who have had to deal with an illness, injury or cancer πŸ™ . @roccothebullmastiff  @kita_macho  @twobulliesandaboy_  @charlierose.lillisnow  @karma.the.american.staffy  @billybarker7  @charliethehappystaffy  🌈 @bomber_2013  🌈 @elderbulls  🌈 . . #fuckcancer  #spreadtheword  #spreadlove  #lookafteryourhealth  #seeadoctor  #bekind  #behappy  #love  #bluestaffy  @bickmorecarrie 

Happy #hunkday  . . Glorious sunshine today here in the Wild West.. but still a bit chilly on the Willy πŸ˜‚ . . I’m usually known as The King.. but today I’m Prince Charming in my @styleforpuppers  bandana from my gorgeous friend @keepingupwithasiaekko  πŸ–€ . . Ohh yeah and my flana, twinning it with @staffy_spoons  And @jet_bluestaffy  😎😎 . . Ummmm and I also wanna say I LOVE everyone πŸ’™If you’re feeling down or lonely just remember you have a friend in me πŸ’™πŸ˜˜ . . Big woof outs to these kool kids @_bostonbluestaffy_  @bellabyname_bellabynature  πŸ’– @obie_theblueenglishstaffy  @mabel_mabel_moo  @tess_amstaffx  🧑 @__blues_brothers__  @georgewilsonpalliativecaredog  @ruby_reddog  @barkie_arkie  @karmathestaffyx  @willowthestaffy_  πŸ’• @claudiasvalleylife  @nash_thebluestaffy  @badtothebos  @murphy_and_maia  @bass_the_brave  πŸ’› @myazalijax  @mysoph_taytay  @budthespud_nz  . . #love  #dogsofperth  #cute  #staffy  #bluestaffy  #endbsl  #keepwarm  #fashion 

Happy #ToT  buddies and budettes . . Well I’ve just had the best day ever! Me and Mum went for a walk together, yep, just like old times when it was just the two of us πŸ’–πŸ’™... . . I was super comfy in my @pawsquadofficial  harness, mum was super happy with the matching lead, it’s super soft and has two handles so I can be on a long lead or short lead. . I highly recommend @pawsquadofficial  gear and you can enjoy a discount on your order by using my code ARNIE10 . . Big bark out to these beautiful babesπŸ’– @millybluefawn  πŸ’•my GF @mabel_mabel_moo  @maisiethebluestaffy  @arabellathebluestaffy  @lola_the_bluestaffy_  @karmathestaffyx  @zira.andco  @maisiethebluestaffy  @willowthestaffy_  @willow_the_blue_staffy  @charli_the_blue_staffy  @stormthestaffy  @keepingupwithasiaekko  @ivy_the_english_staffy  . And bark out to these boofheads @tyga_pupdates  @floyd_thebluestaffy  my nephew @motorhond  @arnold.brutus  @baloo_waddlesworth  @barkie_arkie  @eddie_the_uk_blue_staffy  @baily1320  My twin bro @saminbalance  @tobyuber  @toby.the.english.staffy  @leotheperthbluestaffy  . . Wanna bark out? Comment πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ . . #hunk  #dogsofperth  #bluestaffy  #bluedog  #cutedog  #happy  #smile 

I can’t wait to match my dog @darrenandphillip 

Happy Hunk Day πŸ’–πŸ˜‚ #hunkday  . . Hunk Day is also Wednesday and we all know on #wednesdayswewearpink  πŸ’• But Ofcourse a hunk like me has no pink clothes so I’m sitting under a Pink Hibiscuit TreeπŸ˜‚πŸ’• eating my Pink Love Heart Treat from @barkerylanetreats  πŸ’•πŸ’–... this is also to show my love for my gorgeous GF @millybluefawn  . . . Use my code ARNIE15 for a sweet discount . . And I know you’re all saying how gorgeous I oook in my bandana, just realised it says Drama Queen on it!.. thanks Aunty Al @crazydoglady74  I love itπŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’œ . . Check out these #hunkday  HUNKS @jet_bluestaffy  @chief_thebluestaffy  @baily1320  @baloo_waddlesworth  @leotheperthbluestaffy  @life_of_cooper1  @itsme_teddytherescuepug  @eddie_the_uk_blue_staffy  @sbt_junior  🧑 @tyga_pupdates  @staffhoonaz  @bronson_thebluestaffy  @bluestaffyboulder  @blue.aston  @__blues_brothers__  @hubo.toughtails  @floyd_thebluestaffy  @alvin_and_pals  @bass_the_brave  @braunthegrumpy  @mr.max.doggy  @mr_dexter_staffy  @barkie_arkie  @toby.the.english.staffy  . . #bluestaffy  #staffy  #staffordshirebullterrier  #love  #lovedogs  #loveanimals  #smile  #behappy  #lovealways  #pinktreat  #pinkheart  #loveheart  #gorgeous  #arnieblueterminator  #mumsboy  #style  #perthpooch  #dogsofperth 

Crash - BOOM - Bam - SPLAT πŸ”₯πŸ’₯β˜„οΈπŸŒͺπŸ’¨πŸ’¦πŸŒŸπŸ’₯β˜„οΈ . . Happy Tuesday πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ§‘β€οΈ . . Another perfect Perth Day, another Cool Bandana😎. This ones from Aunty Al @crazydoglady74  I got two reversible bandanas, plus two treats... scroll ▢️▢️ . . And you may have noticed I’m missing an ear... the EB needs to be caught! Remember the @earburglarsquad  are recruiting NOW! . . Go check out these Tuesday Tweethearts πŸ§‘πŸ’› @millybluefawn  GF πŸ’– @stormthestaffy  @ivy_and_prada  @ivy_the_english_staffy  @freyathepied  @bluethehappystaffy  @karma.the.american.staffy  @karmathestaffyx  @willow_the_blue_staffy  πŸ’™ @ourstaffysadie  @lotzy4_jessieblu  @miss_jagger_  @rubymcqueen01  πŸ’› . . And these Tuffheads @barkie_arkie  @baloo_waddlesworth  @eddie_the_uk_blue_staffy  @tobyuber  @floyd_thebluestaffy  @badtothebos  @murphy_and_maia  @nugget_and_squishy  @toby.the.english.staffy  @bronson_thebluestaffy  @braunthegrumpy  @jet_bluestaffy  . . #love  #bluestaffy  #cutestdogever  #mumsboy  #favourite  #dogsofperth  #hunk  #stylinforrescue  #endbsl 

Happy weekend everyone! . . Apologies for being MIA but we all know who’s fault that is... πŸ‘©πŸ» . . Do you like my New bandana? Well I totally LOVE it and my Dad said it’s the Coolest Bandana he’s ever seen! And he’s seen a few πŸ˜‚.... it was a gift from my gorgeous chicky friend @willow_the_blue_staffy  πŸ’™her Granny made it with Love, Thankyou so much WillowπŸ’™πŸ’•πŸ’›. . . On other news, most of you may know about the #payitforward  #dontbullymybreed  initiative I started in October 2018, well it’s still going strong and we thank everyone for joining in. Well now my friends @clover_harold  have started a great initiative called #stylinforrescue  to bring awareness to Rescue Woofas, full details on @clover_harold  page however I will have more details next week on My Story πŸ’•πŸ’™πŸ’› . . On other important news, the @earburglarsquad  are looking for Recruits to join the most elite squad on earth, please get your applications in NOW! . . Wanna make new friends... then check out these HunkettesπŸ’•πŸ’– @millybluefawn  πŸ’•My GFπŸ’• @mabel_mabel_moo  πŸ’œ @bellabyname_bellabynature  🧑 @arabellathebluestaffy  πŸ’– @violetathestaffy  πŸ’œ @karmathestaffyx  πŸ‘‘ @miss_jagger_  πŸ’› @miss_jesse_girl  🧑 @ruby_reddog  πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– @rubymcqueen01  πŸ‘‘ @brynnethestaffy  πŸ’• @brinleedapitty  πŸ’œ @willow_the_staffy2018  🧑 @willowthestaffy_  πŸ’– @violetrose_bluestaffy  πŸ’• @bobwuff_staffygirl  πŸ‘‘ @freyathepied  πŸ’•πŸ’• @kiki_the_staffy  πŸ’œ @karma.the.american.staffy  🧑 @maisiethebluestaffy  πŸ’› . . #hunk  #sexy  #bluestaffy  #staffylove  #sunset  #perthpooch  #dogsofperth  #lovedogs  #friends 

Happy Monday . . Got my serious sexy look happening today cos I’m wearing my new @xbonescouture  handmade hand painted collar... ohh yeah and it’s called the β€˜Maxwell’ after my bro @maxwell.the.staffy  πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™ . . I hope my GF @millybluefawn  likes it πŸ’• . . And did you know today is #behappybelikewillow  πŸ’™ go check out @willow_the_blue_staffy  for her positive happy posts that will make you smile πŸ™‚ . . Discount Codes πŸ–€ ARNIE15 @barkerylanetreats  ARNIE10 @pawsquadofficial  . . Say Hi to these blue boyzzz @floyd_thebluestaffy  @bronson_thebluestaffy  @obie_theblueenglishstaffy  @johnnie.the.staffy  @leotheperthbluestaffy  @lucious_blueenglishstaffy  @dougiethebluestaffy  @baloo_waddlesworth  @goodboy.dusty  @baily1320  @jet_bluestaffy  @archertheenglishstaffy  @braxthebluestaffy2018  @bearthebluestaffy  @barkie_arkie  @bluestaffyboulder  @arnie_thebluestaffy  . . #hunk  #staffordshirebullterriersofinstagram  #staffordshirebullterrier  #arnieblueterminator  #crossbonescrew  #bluestaffy  #dogfashion  #handmade  #handpainted  #love  #dogsofperth  #perthpooch  #famous  #arnie  #seriouslysexy