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Big boss 11 ,Nayantara negative role SDVC Vice president in Mumbai congress committe For Event Queries call Call 8541933821

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Arshi khan as a showstopper in Patna 2019 OMG itna naa chillao Awaaam Designer: @amritachoudhary08  Styling : @royrohit25th 

Arshi khan as a showstopper in Lucknow Indian Fashion Week 2019 Designer @bhadurikingshuk 

"If you use your mornings well, you have learned the value of life" Good morning everyone Lucknow Fashion Week 2019

Arshi khan as a showstopper in Patna fashion week 2019 Dress designer @amritachoudhary08  Styling @royrohit25th  Make up Javed habib Dr manisha

Amazing event in Lucknow Indian Fashion Week 2019 @thetimesofindia  #arshikhan  #arshikhanteam  #arshikhanawaamkijaan  #arshikhanofficial 

Arshi khan as a showstopper in New India Fashion Week 2019 @bhadurikingshuk  #arshikhan  #arshikhanofficial  #arshikhanteam  #arshikhanawaamkijaan 

Arshi khan NEW INDIA FASHION WEEK 2019 WALK AS A SHOWSTOPPER @bhadurikingshuk  #arshikhan  #arshikhanteam  #arshikhanawaamkijaan  #arshikofficial 

Kuki awaaam sab jaanti Hai Awaam sab dekhti hai Mera taqiya kalam Love you all Isko epic bnane ke liye #arshikhanawaamkijaan 

Not just sports but in every industry women are expected to behave in a certain way, else we're judged. I've experienced it on TV & off it but have always fought back because I don't give a f*ck! Ladies, show them what crazy can do & chase your dreams 😎 everyday is #WomensDay  Me to hu crazy.

Amazing event with rizvi college cancer awareness marathon 2019 (Rizvi group) @stridealong_entertainment  Arshi khan as a chief guest N wooohhhhhaaaaaa Mumbai police 👮

Hi friends here is the link of my new music video as singer / director , featuring Big Boss sensation Arshi Khan , my big bro Pawan Chawla ji and my hero Enzo , pls shower your love as always, if you like it pls like share n suggest to your friends.... Special thanks from heart to Pawan chawla ji , Sir ji , Ratnakar ji 🤘🤘 , keep loving n supporting ... Now it's your turn my friends......

"A charming women doesn't follow the crowd " "She is herself" Happy woman's day.