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Was rushing for a meeting in the morning and worried about how I would reach on time. Thankfully, I found a taxi right outside my house. Isn’t this the cutest taxi ever ? #smallpleasuresoflife 

Finally got down to celebrating my birthday after 4 months of my actual birthday. Maybe I should take a break🙈😛

I started #intermittentfasting  about two weeks ago where I used the 16:8 hour fasting window. Initially it was tough but then my body got used to it. I realized you can be so much more productive in the mornings without having to worry about breakfast. Have been at a wellness spa and resort since two days where I started eating a breakfast of around 500 calories (each meal is a maximum of 500 calories).Though the portions were really small and the food was all organic and super healthy, I can visibly notice a change where I feel uneasy and heavy. I think I will stick to #intermittentfasting  and skipping #breakfast . Will be posting more about my experience with #mindful  eating and #digitaldetox 

In today’s @_mumbaimirror  - my inputs in #toxicmasculinity  as depicted recently in the movie #kabirsingh  @shahidkapoor

☕️#biophilia  is the innate tendency in humans to connect with nature. Connecting with nature helps me stay calm and manage my stress. It also increases #mindfulness  and awareness.

Went live on @officialhumansofbombay  for an interactive discussion on mental health for the campaign #iamamentalhealthwarrior  We received many questions from the viewers on various mental health topics such as how to cope with depression, stress and anxiety, bullying, peer pressure, emotional insecurities. We also busted many myths regarding therapy and psychological disorders such as OCD and bipolar disorders which are “terms” that are often used loosely with a lot of misinformation associated with them. It was a pleasure to be a part of this initiative and I hope it continues to help in creating more awareness among people.

Will be live today on @officialhumansofbombay  at 4 pm to answer all your queries related to #mentalhealth  for the campaign #iamamentalhealthwarrior  to break the #stigma  towards #mentalhealth  disorders

A great initiative by @officialhumansofbombay  I will be live on a panel discussion tomorrow to answer queries regarding mental health #iamamentalhealthwarrior 

Have you heard of #forestbathing ? I often incorporate an activity called #connectingwithnature  in the self care plan I make for my clients. This works at the sensory level of the brain and helps in reducing stress and increasing #mindfulness  It involves focusing on any aspect of nature e.g water, fire, wind, temperature, colours, textures - experiencing them with awareness and observing how they make us feel. P.s that’s my husband in the photo who is trying hard to spot a leopard 😛#mentalhealth  #wellness  #nature  #sensoryplay 

It is not so uncommon to experience symptoms of anxiety, the good news is, effective treatment for the management of #anxiety  is available.

Did you know #anxiety  affects 1 in 4 Indians

Know the difference between normal worry and #anxiety