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Creative artwork by @teamblazin.  Enjoy the whole video!😍

Which one is you fav?🙏🏻 @mvrc.t  (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10?) Swipe to see all of them. . #artselect 

This is @Dalsinky  the first artist that combined painting and sculpting in the same piece of art . #3Dart  #Beyondthecanvas  △

This is so creative @braden_ashton16  and @willsmith  noticed this too!😍

"CatZilla" Giant cats overrun the world's cities with @fransditaa.  This artist takes it to another level, transforming cats into giants and placed them on a realistic settings and places. Swipe to see more!

This is so captivating

Caption this work for us! 🖑 By @_estebandiacono  . #artselect 

Complete the sentence! This is how I feel about.... Credit @freshlightphotography 

Thomas Deininger creates mind-bending optical illusions in his found object sculptural assemblages.

🎥: @foodyfetish  #foodyfetishoriginal  TAG a Donut Lover!👇🏼

Octopus swimming and changing colour🐙 Credits to @rubergnick  . #artselect 

Genius and creative artworks by @abstractsunday  | Swipe & comment your favourites! . #artselect