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- arvida byström   Sometimes embarrassed that I am an artist but also grateful I can survive.

This is a little throwback to tumblr days 💓 when the web still felt exciting and wasn’t constantly buzzing in our pockets. Tumblr was my website of choice and I was deeply obsessed. The creatures on there I adored and got to know was a mix of feminists, artists, and queers often with a love of pastels. Pink still felt subversive and nobody thought of marketing it to millennials and fewer had heard of empowertisement. Then, in early 2013 I made this zine. It set out to portray straight men in a sexy manner and to let women play with the thought of objectifying straight cis men. Girls photographed their partners, straight boys’ submitted cute self portraits, one poem submitted was on how to corrupt the behavior of men who share and concur boob pics by collecting and sharing their chatroulette dicks. It was before girlgaze mainly referred to women photographing other women. Tumblr and desktop time internet was a really fun time for me. Thanks to everyone who made it special ❤️

We took on the bratz challenge for @vicephoto 

Wearing practical clothes is a motto of mine

Me pulling all the diverse poses I managed to do in this @maisonmargiela  couture outfit without arms. I felt like a pretty worm 🐛 Me by me for @10magazine  💓

Self portraits for @10magazine  in couture 💓

RatZ for @vicephoto 

@vicephoto  issue 2019 finally out! Funny fact is that first commissioned photo shoot I ever did was 11 years ago for Vice Photo Issue 2008 when I was 16. Pop into bio for the rest of the issue 💓

Digital native nightmares

I miss this beautiful lil human noodle that lets me take photos of her and is being so patient with me all the time💓

Having some work at the opening of Bodyfiction(s) at Musée national d'histoire et d'art Luxembourg for the @europeanmonthofphotography  ~ opening tonight 💓

Me and @lohallen  have done some jobs together and there are more to come so we made a joint ig account called::: @ihavealreadyseenit  These photos are the BTS photos I shot for the @adidasoriginals  FALCON video I directed and Lo styled 💓