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As soon as I laid down she came running into my and fell asleep

It’s 2 am..... do you know where your children are???? (Clothes basket for mine)

She was just staring at me!

Can we share this frozen water bottle so we both cool off mommy????

In the words of Bella “play with me mommy”

Her newest hiding place #crazycatmom 

Look at this face!!!!! Im melting!!!!!

Living the best life!

Mommy chronicles- today my baby gave me a heart attack when I saw she climbed on TOP of the door frame and was crying Bc she couldn’t hold on.... and later in the am wouldnt let me eat Bc she wanted what mommy was eating and follows you to kitchen and cries outside door for you after you@close  door. Just another day in mommyland

Views from Aish hatorah building

Jerusalem views