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Mission accomplished. It’s time to go home and recalibrate. We’ve been on the road for over a month promoting Easier and I’ve loved every moment of seeing all different types of people and places. I feel like people are ready for our new music. 📸 @dkessler 

A rainy day here in Seoul 🇰🇷 ☔️ @dkessler  x

When I’m in Sydney, I always do my best to go back to where I came from. Sometimes it’s hard to confront what you’ve left behind, but it’s apart of growing wiser and stronger. The man in the mirror is the hardest person to make friends with. 📸 @kaykay 

Re-Dying my hair in my hotel room this morning. I have well and truly lost my mind 😂

Hello from South Korea! ❤️

A whole lotta heart here in Manila. What incredible fans of music. Keep on holding each other up! Love You Forever. @dkessler 

Here’s some film from the time I spent in Sydney with the band & Kay Kay whilst promoting Easier 🔥 🇦🇺 We definitely slept about 2 hrs in a week because we were so busy with promo, friends of friends & my 25th birthday. As the years go by my love for home grows as the adolescent frustrations disappear. I am lucky to call Australia my home.

🇵🇭❤️ I love the Philippines. I love seeing all the happy faces here and witnessing the way they love music ❤️ Today in Manila we visited 3 radio stations, did a bunch of promotion for easier and met some 5SOS fans. Then we rode on a Jeepney back to the hotel.

25 Years of existence, I am eternally thankful for your time and love.

Destruction & Rebirth 🌙 @dkessler 

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