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- Bernie Sanders   U.S. Senator for Vermont and candidate for President of the United States

Malcom, Iowa, is a town of 287 people. 230 showed up to our town hall there.

South Carolina spent $11,552 on average per student, last year. They spent $21,756 on average per prison inmate. That is a disgrace. If I am elected president, we will invest in jobs and education, not more jails and incarceration. A nation and a community which provides quality education for its children, and which makes certain there are good jobs available to those young people when they leave school, is a nation and a community which will have a lower rate of crime. I’m very grateful for the South Carolina Legislative Black Caucus for hosting our education and criminal justice town hall at the beautiful Mount Moriah Baptist Church in Spartanburg, SC.

This week we were able to spend time at the ReGenesis Community Health Center in Spartanburg SC. Former Rep. Harold Mitchell, Jr. founded ReGenesis in 1997 to advance environmental justice and improve neighborhood planning in the Arkwright and Forest Park neighborhoods of Spartanburg—low-income communities between waste sites and an active chemical plant. ReGenesis is emerging as a national model of environmental justice achievement, and a national model of how community-private-public partnerships can work. Thanks to Rep. Mitchell for showing us ReGenesis.

I've got four kids and seven beautiful grandkids. I refuse to leave them a planet that is not healthy and habitable. We've got to take on the fossil fuel industry and pass a Green New Deal.

Trump promised to fight for American workers. He lied. Americans deserve a president who will.

Siemens has received about $725 million in federal contracts over the last 2 years. Now Siemens is shipping American jobs overseas. Our message to Siemens: we are going to end your greed when we are in the White House.

Insurance companies, drug companies and Republican leaders continue to spread lies about what it means to have universal health care. Hear directly from these women around the world about what it's really like to live in a country where health care is a right. #medicareforall  #bernie2020  #womenshealth 

Kim's son may have lived if we had Medicare for All, instead of a dysfunctional, profit-driven system that leaves millions without the care they need. Share your story in the comments about how Medicare for All would help you.

This speech convinced a Republican to change his mind and vote for Bernie.

Some of the wealthiest members of the political establishment are hiding behind closed doors — with their canapés — plotting how to defeat our political revolution. Some of the biggest players in Washington are frantically putting their heads together for how to stop us. Career political operatives are begging the financial elite for money to start new efforts to derail our movement. Because of you, some of these same people are telling the New York Times that we need to “fall in line.” They are doing this not because they fear Bernie Sanders. They fear all of us together. They know what we know: It’s not about me. It’s about us. If there is one thing that the political and financial elite of this country understand, it is money in politics. And they don’t like that more than one million contributions have already brought our campaign this far. Our power comes from a simple, timeless truth: when people come together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. Let’s send a message they are sure to understand. Chip in now to our campaign at the link in bio. #bernie2020 

Trump is getting a little bit nervous.

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