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Boss man laced the gods with the new new. @wepnz 

#Repost  @bigbonedbrigade  ・・・ SALE EXTENDED THRU MONDAY!! Its getting warmer and we need to make sure the big men are laced up with some new shirts and shorts. USE CODE BRIGADE15 at check out for 15% off your entire order. Want a differnt color that is not on the site? #callbigglos  and he will get you any color you want and still get the 15% off! . . . . . #paintball  #bigbonedcertified  #bigbonedbrigade  #bigandtall  #custombigandtall  #mensbigandtall  #bigandtallpaintball  #callbigglos  @wepnz  @razapaintball  @bigg_los_ 

#tbt  mid to late 90's. Hunting with my grandpa #rip  And out on the diamond. Man I miss the days those spring days out on the baseball field.

Let's get this division filled up. @bigbonedbrigade  @wepnz  @razapaintball  #Repost  @playafpl  ・・・ Sunday April 28th @ SC Village Paintball Park, Corona, Ca. Let's make this a thing!!!! Big thank you to the Big Bone Brigade for backing this event. 5.5 Semi cap so it's perfect for MECH action. HOW TO SIGN UP Go to Click on “Register” and create an account. Very important submit a profile picture of your FACE. It is also required that you submit a screen grab of your current Division from a paintball ranking system. If you have no rank upload a random picture. Note if you upload a random picture your account will be on hold for verification. Make sure you choose the correct league you wish to compete in. If everything is good you will return to the “Home” screen and receive a confirmation email. After you successfully create an account sign in. Click on “Options” Then click “Create Team” On the “Create Team” page you can add players and choose the event you wish to participate in.

Hey a podium is a podium. Well deserved beers boys!! Good job #Repost  @manchesterhcd  ・・・ 4th place means you get beers first #winners  #nepl  #mowmorefaces  Thanks to @razapaintball 

Great job guys!!! #Repost  @usxbl  ・・・ Congratulations 🍾 @destinypaintball  Kansas 3rd Place 🏆D5 Xball finish at today’s Missouri Open

Oh yeah, we make polos too!! We take care of the big man on and off the field. ・・・ Pop yo collar. What you know about the #bigbonedbrigade  polo shirt? Representing all day every day. #wepnz  #razapaintball  @bigbonedbrigade  @wepnz  @razapaintball  @razadesign  @bigg_los_  #bigandtall  #custombigandtall  #mensbigandtall  #bigandtallpaintball  #bigbonedcertified  #bigbonedbrigade 

A division for the @bigbonedbrigade.  35 years+ or 250 pounds+. Go get signed up ・・・ We are proud to announce that we will be sponsoring this division at the first @playafpl.  The division is solely for players that are 35 years or older or 250 pounds+. Check out AFPL's social media for full details. Get signed up and show them that us big boned, older guys can still bring the 🔥 . . . . #bigandtall  #custombigandtall  #mensbigandtall  #bigandtallpaintball  #bigbonedcertified  #bigbonedbrigade  #paintball  #callbigglos  @wepnz  @razapaintball  @bigg_los_ 

Sunday project. The road to college basketball starts now.

#Repost  @cazadores_pb  ・・・ Sometimes you just gotta be patient to surprise the enemies @elg83  rocking the custom Hmd pants from @razapaintball  and sprint jersey hit up @bigg_los_  for your custom pants,jerseys ...Thanks to  for taking awesome photos at this event 👏🏽💯🤘🏽😎