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- By Sarah Merrill   🤷🏼‍♀️ For those still navigating the adult world 💁🏼 Original content by @sarahamerrill_ 🙋🏼 🎧 THE BKP PODCAST IS ON iTUNES

Is Mercury in retrograde or am I just a lazy piece of shit? Let’s find out!

Damnnn Clippy 📎😂 . If Clippy just struck a cord you might wanna check out the podcast this week 🎧 😂Talking allll about Anxiety and how to actually help deal with it! Link in bio 🙌🏼 @sonny5ideup 

DYING that @butlikemaybe  brought my ‘bangs hotline’ concept to life 😂😂 . If you don’t already follow her YOU 💯 NEED TO! (Thank me later) @butlikemaybe  ♥️

I need answers Alexa

Honestly, don’t get paid enough to care 🤷🏼‍♀️

😅😅😅 - You stressed hun? Check out the Anxiety Episode on the @bigkidproblems  Podcast now! Link in bio 🙌🏼

Sound ON for a lil #WednesdayWisdom  from our expert on the Podcast this week, @meganjbruneau ! . Megan dropped SO much knowledge on this week’s ‘Anxiety Episode’ and I love when she explains why we can’t just be ‘happy’ all the time. Our brains are wired for survival and feeling anxiety and being cautious is what has kept us alive for thousands of years. I love here ⬆️ when she explains you can learn to ‘dance’ with those emotions instead of getting swept away in them. There is SO much more on this episode, link in bio to give it a listen!

GOOD TIMES 👏🏼 . Lol The Anxiety Episode is LIVE on the podcast today! If you’ve ever snuck out of a party to be by yourself or stress cried on your lunch break, this episode is for you 😂💪🏼 LINK IN BIO

It’s the ‘Anxiety episode’ this week on the @bigkidproblems  podcast and oh boy is it a WILD ride 🎪 We kick things off with an all female-comedienne roundtable and it goes off the rails quickly (I should have known @wrennwoods  & @audreystewisart  ➡️) . THEN we get serious with our expert of the week @meganjbruneau  and talk all about why our anxiety is increasing, ways to help it, and when/ how to seek help. (I’ll even get a little candid and share some of my anxiety story. Eek) . Link in bio to listen!!

Sorry but I gotta go charge my social battery 🔋 ✌🏼