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Just eat, drink, create & edit TV, and haul to my sailboat in #baja. Crafting eco-systems @thelittleranchito in New Mex & a #floatinghomeflo in CA.


Stories by @bigsweettooth

This could be one of my finest on-the-fly creations yet. A simple pizza with nothing but olive oil, mozzarella + feta, a litany of herbs and crushed red pepper, fresh tuna that I seared in the cast iron, heirloom tomatoes, a sprinkle of fresh mint, some chickpeas I cooked all day and a lemon/sumac mayo diddy I whisked up. Almost like the Middle East version of pizza?! So light and good...

In honor of @alaskaair  now doing daily flights from LAX to Loreto where my sailboat is, here is a pic of a lovely island just off the coast of the Baja peninsula. Just some gorgeousness you will see from the air if you head on down to Mexico. #bajavibes  #seaofcortez  #weusuallydrive 

Gawd. Mai tai ville on a Friday = happiness.....

That one time I crafted up the most insanely delicious eggplant, heirloom tomorrow, burrata, basil stack EVER. Got the garden on my mind this am and we grow all of this! #comeonspring  #newmexicogarden 

Panchito dreams of being a full time outside dog. I don’t know how I will ever regain this incredibly comfy loveseat from @santafehome  on the south veranda (forever known as Cheeto’s veranda, mind you). Even in the middle of the night if he needs to go out and investigate what’s happening, he meanders to this couch and slooooowly climbs on and settles in. I think he just likes being engaged with the all hours @thelittleranchito  noises and song birds and crickets and neighbors chickens and horses and such. Sometimes, the way he stretches his head and wet nose into the air and smells things (really breathes deep and takes it all in) makes me think he’s lived other places, other lives. Known other existences. Meanwhile, #minkajoy  can be found elsewhere causing a general (and often exclusively for you) ruckus with her pony-like demands🐕 #dirtroadlife  #luxedog  #panchitoboy 

Beef. Meatballs. Lime. Beef. Lime. Balls. Margs. Tomatoes. #castiron  #deepsouth  - and then came goat feta, sharp knives and ciabatta.

We seriously have a majestic backyard. What lucky doggies to get to roam 12,000 acres of BLM land on the daily. #dirtroadlife 

It will be neat to capture a pic of Minka current day down on the sailboat in Mexico. She was so little here (and a hilarious terror). When we were remodeling #floatinghomeflo  we lived on the sailboat and our airstream between Malibu and Borrego Springs. HECTIC as it was, them was the days!

I have found the holy grail of Med food in all of New Mexico. Last time I am eating out for next 30 days so I had to slay the garlic sauce. SLAY.

In case anyone else would kill for a plate of oysters on the #seaofcortez  today. Let me share...and yup - winter and snow and rain can all go away now. It’s time...

Just in case anyone was curious what true dog happiness was. It’s #panchito  in his home land of Mexico. Down a muddy arroyo. With the wind on his tail. And a storm brewing behind that. #nextcocktailname  #bajadogs 

I was gonna say, do you see what I see? The best chocolate mousse ever (if you’ve never imbibed @wholefoodsnm )....and then I caught wind of what was behind it! #tucumcari  Feta, already peeled fresh garlic, blue cheese stuffed olives, the keys to life...