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- Misty Tosh   Just eat, drink, create & edit TV, and haul to my sailboat in #baja. Crafting eco-systems @thelittleranchito in New Mex & a #floatinghomeflo in CA.

Just tryin to see the light. Rather retain it, @adobe 

Just a boat, waiting on its girl.

Such a good boy

So much happening in this one dish it’s SICK.

Yes! Peaches will be thriving this summer, that is unless the freeze tonight kills all of my little baby sprouts and flowers. Aghhhh!!

Perfect pre-summer meal. Boatloads of dill, meat stuffed with feta and quickly grilled, heirlooms and cukes Greek style, charred asparagus and zucchini with so much lemon, and of course ciabatta. Always ciabatta. And, oh yah - just made, homemade to the core, tzatziki of course...a must with all warm weather dishes⚔️ God grant me the gift of all seeds germinating and I shall be forever happy...

Bring bubbles/bullets

Edit bay view on this balmy evening #newmexicolove 

Here’s a small array of what’s coming in hot @thelittleranchito  as of today. Lilac, heirloom rhubarb, peach, apple, cherry, comfrey, tarragon, and well...a bunch more. Bye, gotta keep editing, nice break though!

A billion % required reading if you wanna make it a little bit further in life - ideally with a frosty glass o. Cause as the good doc says, it’s not good or’s better or worse.

Mmmmkay. Nice to be back on grid. Lotta sprouts up in here....

Mexican taco logistics are real y’all.