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You know those days where you have so much to cram in and you can’t see how it’s humanly possible to make it happen? That was this day for me. We were moving out of our home, my Son started childcare, our first Airbnb guests were checking in that afternoon and I had been driving all over Canberra collecting props for this shoot. But it was *so* worth it to connect with such talented Australian creatives who pour so much heart into their work, what a pleasure to style this beautiful space! - Jane Interior Design: @alexigeorge_interiors  Architect: @dna_architects  Furniture: @__designcraft__  Art: @angusmartinart  Objects: @girlnomadceramics  @penelopeboydstudio  @bisonhome  📷 @annestroudphotography 

Our giveaway to win two free nights @tastedesignhouse  closes at midnight tonight! There are so many delicious food, wine and cultural events coming up on the Canberra calendar so get tagging guys. I’m personally hanging out for @theforage  🍯🥨🥃 in a major way and the date of the next one happens to fall on our only vacant weekend in April! Click on the post over @tastedesignhouse  with the green bathroom for details. 📷 @leantimms 

My little baby girl finally arrived...she made us wait twelve days over my due date and now at two weeks old she is still dictating things on her own timeframes, perhaps a business woman in the making? 🤔 I can’t believe we are nearly at the end of February already, can time please slow down! For now, I’m enjoying the newborn snuggles and learning to juggle school runs with two older siblings. Here’s to the weekend...when the hubby is home to help 🙌 - Isi 📷 @melhillphoto 

G I V E A W A Y 💫 Fancy a getaway? We are giving away two free nights accommodation @tastedesignhouse  in Canberra! In an unexpected turn of events, we are bringing forward some exciting plans to open up accommodation and a creative space (and sooooo much more) close to all our favourite restaurants, bars and beautiful walking trails. There are some incredible events on the Canberra calendar as it starts to cool off. 🍂 if you haven’t visited in Autumn you need to get to it! And if you live in the Berra, THIS is the time to win your friends a trip. Nothing beats a dawn hot air balloon ride over the lake and for the foodies, The Forage is unmissable. If wine is more to your liking, perhaps you’d like to partake in a wine tour during the Truffle Festival? Or ask me about upcoming workshops @tastedesignhouse  🍷 🎨 👩🏼‍🍳 🛋 All you need to do is: 1) ‘like’ this post 2) follow @tastedesignhouse  3) follow @bijouxhomes  and 4) tag a friend. Or tag ten. Each tag = one entry. So gather your girl tribe, start planning a romantic weekend away or organise that family reunion! 📷 @leantimms  Conditions This competition is open internationally. It closes midnight (AEST) on 10 March 2019 and the winner will be announced on 11 March 2019. The winnings are transferable so you may gift this to family or a friend. The winner or recipient must book through Details will be provided to the winner on how to book and receive their free stay. The winner or recipient may book any two nights of their choosing, excluding dates that are marked as unavailable on the Airbnb calendar. #airbnb  #airbnbaustralia  #giveaway 

I decided to spruce up the family room (ten minutes before Mr 21m woke from his nap), then had to promptly pack away the breakables.... When will I be able to leave them out again? 2030? 🤪 - Jane

There is *nothing-* more satisfying than devouring fellow design-lovers’ blogs than when you’re building your own dream home. I found the @stylecuratorau  blog around the time we started building ours and I was completely captivated by Gina’s construction updates of her own house that she and her husband were building about 20 minutes drive away, also in Canberra. Needless to say, I was thrilled when Gina asked to feature my home on her blog (link in bio). It turns out that our family’s version of a dream house is whatever the next one is 🙊 so we’re selling up and moving on 📦 Check out the back story and the rest of Gina’s blog which has tonnes of solid design advice and juicy home tours! - Jane 📷 @leantimms  #42durackstreet 

Spare a thought for Isi who is eleventy weeks pregnant in this nuts hot weather we’ve been least it’s back to freezing temps today in the Berra ☃️. I didn’t get the nesting memo before my Fred was born (we were living in a hotel the day we went to hospital because the house wasn’t built) so I never felt like this space was finished and now that we’re selling the house it seems a bit silly to ‘fix’ it. On the flip side, the lack of effort and clutter makes it feel calm and muted and he just loves climbing up on his window seat and colouring in at his mini table *melty heart* so I don’t think he minds. - Jane 📷 @leantimms 

If you need me, I’ll be outside. I freakin’ LOVE Summer! Beginning of a long weekend ✅ Little Mr 20m in bed ✅ Sangria ✅ Good conversation with the Mr ✅ Bolognese sauce all over my white top ✅ Have a fab weekend kids ✌️- Jane 📷 @leantimms 

I’ve been parenting solo for the last few days while my OH has been @tcmf_official  so I’m counting down the hours to an evening of adult conversation at the table, even though I know he’ll probably just want to sleep until Wednesday 😜 - Jane 📷 @annestroudphotography  #42durackstreet 

Hi 👋 So this is my current status (Isi). My family is growing, and my heart is bigger than ever. I’ve been a bit absent from the Gram, mainly due to a busy schedule and spending some quality time with Miss 6 & Mr 3 (and the hubby) before bubba #3 arrives. In a couple of weeks I’ll be extra busy with all that newborn baby goodness 😍 so I thought I’d take a moment to thank you, our lovely and supportive followers. I hope 2019 brings you happiness, good vibes, new adventures & lovely memories. I’ll still be pushing on with our goals behind the scenes with the amazing and talented Jane who keeps me on my toes and excited for the next chapter for Bijoux Homes, but you might not ‘see’ me for a little while. - Isi xx 📷 @melhillphoto 

You know you’re adulting right when your Mum comes to stay and comments on your beautiful soaps. Really though, it does put the fancy into washing your hands, which I seem to do an awful lot of with a toddler in the house. Tbh I caught a glimpse of my wrinkly skin the other day and was a tiny bit horrified. Then I thought to myself: Fred. You change a nappy, wash your hands. Make him a snack, wash hands. Wipe down the high chair, wash hands. Prize him away from playing with the toilet lid, wash hands. It’s a vicious cycle. Moral of the story? Use nice soap. (and maybe some moisturising lotion). - Jane 📷 @leantimms 

This is the first time I’ve had a grown up garden that I’ve properly used and I think I finally get ‘it’. The aussie obsession with outdoor living. I’m typing this as I sit in that outdoor chair, with a glass of g&t and several hours of reading, chatting, kicking around the soccer ball and watching as little Mr 20m copies his Father weeding the garden beds (mostly relocating the already pulled weeds to the bench seat). We’ve been out here every day for weeks, and I hope Summer never ends. It really is the simple things.✌️- Jane 📷 @leantimms