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- Black Claw   Black Claw is a tattooer owned and driven company making the world’s best environmentally friendly tools for tattooing♻️❤️ #blackclaw

Talk about clean. @oliver_kenton  laying the magic down with Black Claw Straight 11’s. They can really get in there. You can find Oliver at @temperancetattoo_sf  #blackclaw  #realrecognizereal 

🕷 😈 Very strong and very clean #spider  #mask  combo by @lonner  at @elcuervodoradotattoo  When you’re busting your ass to make the best tattoos it helps to use the best tools in the game. Real Sharp. Real Steel. Made by and for real tattooers. #realrecognizereal  #blackclaw 

Just another extremely beautiful tattoo by @claudiadesabe  made with Black Claw needles. There is seemingly no stopping the big tattoo energy of the people working at @red_point_tattoo  #blackclaw  #welovetattooing 

Some #snakeandrose  style by PDX shredder and gnar enthusiast @dratdiestler  all done with Black Claw needles and tubes. You can find Drat at @evertruetattoo  💪 #blackclaw  #welovetattooing 

#skullandrose  armpit banger made by @oblivioussurroundings  entirely with a 9 round. 2 weeks healed. If you think your pits or any other part of you is lookin a little too soft go see Derrick at @worldfamousspotlighttattoo  and he can help you out with that. #welovetattooing  #blackclaw 

🎶Everybody Hurts🎶 A clean little cryin’ croc by @greentavac  You can find him cranking out the good stuff in person at @do_kosti_tattoo  #crocodiletears  #blackclaw  #welovetattooing 

Here’s another perfectly applied octopus tattoo. This one from @teidetattoo  who’s making some of the most inventive and inspiring tattoos in the game. Go give him a follow and you’ll see exactly what we mean. #blackclaw  #welovetattooing 

Hard to go wrong as a customer when you pick #GREZ  to apply your half sleeve tattoo. Dare we say this octopus is perfectly applied? We do! Because it crushes on all levels! Do yourself a favor and go follow @kingsavetattoo  right now. A shop full of absolute KILLERS who are cranking out some of the best tattoos in the game. #blackclaw  #welovetattooing  #realrecognizereal 

Another absolute crusher from 🔥 @langooliveira  🔥 You may be wondering “how does he do it?” Well we don’t know either but we do know that he uses Black Claw needles to harness that power. You can find @langooliveira  at @blackhearttattoo  #blackclaw  #welovetattooing 

Whats not to love about this powerful skull and dagger by @andyreach  ? He’s been with the Black Claw program for awhile now and we couldn’t be more stoked on the quality tattoos he’s putting out in the world. You can catch Andy @redemptiontattoo  making sweet tats on the regular #welovetattooing  #realrecognizereal  #blackclaw 

Check out this #santamuerte  made by @tattoo_jonna  using the sharpest and most reliable needles in the industry. Clean, elegant and bold... just how we like them #blackclaw  #welovetattooing