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- Brian Ortega   UFC featherweight Co Owner @BlackBeltSurfing @drinkbodyarmor @kagedmusclesupps @modelousa @reebok @toyotires @winchellsdonuthouse

Doing the things they said i wouldn’t, and still being nice to them. @reebok  #reebokclassic  #reebokathlete 

Everyone please pray for Sunny. Let’s send nothing but strong energy his way please 🙏🏼. Thank you guys

Moving on up , cause I’m motivated by the fear of being average. #privatejet  #reebokathlete 

“And we were raised wrong but we stayed strong, and when we kept it real we got faked on” N.H. Always good seeing you homie.! @travisbarker  #travisbarker  #alwaysclassic  #reebokathlete 

Good luck trying to choke me out girl!! 😜😉 Repost By ddlovato: Trained with the incredibly talented @1chrislight  and @briantcity  today.. this is post-shower and pre-road trip so I’m not in my gi but we’ll get a proper BJJ pic next time 😝 thanks guys for training today.. was so much fun.. Brian - you’re a fucking savage.. thanks for the new moves.. you’re going to sleep next time though 😜

Making the adjustments that are necessary to accomplish my goal. Stay patient for me guys I want to show you the best me. @kagedmusclesupps  @mikesaffaie  @jeanpaulmma 

I'm a lion when I'm in there, against all odds I will always keep fighting. They can break my body, but my Fighting Spirit will never be broken @modelousa  #Ad  #21 +

Like Nipsey said find what you love and figure out how to make it make you money. Getting paid to brawl nothing like it.

Stay Hungry stay foolish. Enjoy a peak in my S&C with @mikesaffaie  and @jeanpaulmma  . Shout out @kagedmusclesupps 

Good seeing you today boys. Everyone stay tuned!!! @mariolopez  @urijahfaber 

It’s a sad day in L.A today. Can’t tell you how many times I listened to you while I’m struggling and hustled harder just to Make it out. Rest In Peace Legend. Los Angeles fucken lost a real one. #nipseyhussle 

LA Dodger House with my boy @da310kidd.  HxA/L.A all day baby!!! @reebokclassics  #alwaysclassic  #reebokathlete