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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” #AnaisNin 

The category is: JEDI REALNESS.

Sat at the bingo throne pulling balls with queen @foxxyroxywood  for charity. Thank you @hamburgermarysweho  and Emma Stone for such a fun night. And @staud  for the dress 💕

“Is life hidden in the lining of our seams? Are we wearing it inside out?” #YrsaDaleyWard 

If you love Captain Marvel you love @joannabennett_  and @nae_z_may  - these are the women who were my stunt doubles and trained me for 2 hours every day for 3 months. These women risk their lives while doing mind blowing things to bring magic to the screen. And they do it with grace and grit and humor. To be so generously brought into their world, to be encouraged by them, to be in the thick of literal blood, sweat and tears with them is a gift I won’t forget. At the MTV Movie Awards I had the chance to bring them on stage after we won Best Fight. I love you Nae and Jo! I’m a better person because of the time I spent with you. Thank you again to everyone who voted. We feel real lucky! ❤️🤘

Omg!!! #CaptainMarvel  is out on Blu-ray today!!!! We stan!

It’s #WorldOceansDay  - what ways are you helping to keep our oceans clean? It’s a beautiful, magical place down there. Let’s keep it that way. This is from my dive in the Great Barrier Reef a few years ago. Makes me sad to think that future generations might not be able to see in person all the colors, textures and temperatures places like this hold. We gotta love our earthly habitats real hard. Comment below with ways we can work to make a difference.

Thank you @susan_alexandra  for sending me this look from your collab with @champion  🤩 I’m so proud of you!!!! ✨✨✨✨ And thank you @crapeyewear  for the sunglasses!!!!

CASUAL FRIDAY by @alia_pop 

Serving Jedi realness this summer

The force is strong ya’ll!!!!!! #starwarsgalaxysedge 

“But what other people thought was no longer of any help to me. Those thoughts only existed within certain structures, and I had definitively left those structures.” #RachelCusk