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- Chi   Believer✞| @orlpride #6 | Proud Stanford Alum | Passionate Dual Citizen 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 + 🇺🇸 + 🇳🇬 = 🙋🏾‍♀️

Hakuna Matata 💜 #FamBam 

Watch Me Crank Dat Soulja Boy Then Superman That Ohh🙃 #NWSL  #VamosOrlando 

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay 💛 - - - On 6/8, I’m walking 16 miles overnight in honor of the beautiful and heavily missed Ella Thomas. I’ll be walking with some of the best people I know, her father Chris, her mother Martha, and her brother, Solomon. My goal is to raise $1,000 to help support #MentalHealthAwareness . I’m so grateful to be a part of several communities who always lend a helping hand, and I hope we can come together to do just that for this amazing cause. Let’s help create a culture that’s smarter about mental health. #OneLove 

Cause Every Little Thing, Is Gunna Be Alright 💛 - - - Sometimes footy makes me miss a lot of moments like this, but I’m so grateful I was able to partake in your engagement celebration ! Kea Mae, I couldn’t be happier for you in this next adventure of your life. I love you so much best friend ! You are truly one of a kind. Congratulations @kealiamae  and @jjwatt  !! Keep enriching the souls blessed enough to be connected to your energy ✨ #TexasForever 

Promise I Ain’t Never Lettin Up - - - Thank you so much everyone for your encouraging messages. I'm extremely disappointed I wasn’t selected for the World Cup, but I have to accept this decision. I'll give it my all to bounce back stronger. I believe wholeheartedly in this selfless staff and class players. Wishing you all nothing but abundant success. Enjoy it, embrace it, and bring that trophy HOME #BeReady  #Lionesses 

But I’m Blessed, I Just Checked #FamBam 

Reality Is Wrong Dreams Are For Real #Tupac  - - - Another great camp with quality people !! A lot to take away from this wear my studs 🙃 #Lionesses  #EnglandVEspaña 

Purple Rain 💧#NewKit  #Sheesh😍  #Purp  #Lionesses  #ForClubAndCountry  🙋🏾‍♀️

✨Driven By My Ambitions, Desire Higher Positions⏳✨ - - - Excited and grateful for these next few days with @lionesses.  Big matches ahead...let’s get it !! #ForeverUnfinished 

No New Friends 🤟🏾 #StanUFam 

It’s A New Season, And We Still Breathing ‼️ - - - Just Replicating Some Game Realistic Pressure For The 🐐 😜 #PreSeason  #OrlandoPride