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- Cory Booker   U.S. senator from New Jersey and Democratic candidate for president.

We need to take steps to fix our long-term care system so that families don’t go broke taking care of their loved ones. I have a plan to address this: [link in bio]

It’s being reported that ICE has started raiding homes across the country under the orders of the Trump administration. It’s important to know that everyone—regardless of their immigration status—has guaranteed rights under our Constitution, so please know them.

Scout, who is homeschooled in part because her parents are worried about school shootings, asked me a question: How will I protect kids like her from gun violence? No other candidate is more determined to solve this problem—and I have a plan to back it up. [link in bio]

To be clear: the ACA is still the law of the land. But Republicans are getting close to throwing out Obamacare which would cause 20+ million Americans to lose coverage, pre-existing conditions to no longer be covered, premiums to rise.

I'm so excited to join my mom and her fellow Delta Sigma Theta sorors tomorrow in New Orleans for #DSTConvention2019  as we celebrate @dstinc1913 's legacy of service, activism, and organizing. #DST1913 

I grew up surrounded by incredible Black women activists, organizers and change makers who didn't wait for permission to start doing the hard work necessary to move this country forward. I #TrustBlackWomen  because they have been at the center of every movement for social justice in our country's history.

As a nation we should be investing so much more in our most precious resource: our children. No child in America should grow up without access to a fully-funded public school education that helps them maximize their potential.

Woke up this Sunday extremely grateful for my team. None of this would be possible without them. I'm inspired by their love for our country and commitment to making it a better, more inclusive and equal place for all. Filled with gratitude today and all days!

We can't have “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” if we don't end gun violence in our communities. If every woman doesn’t have the freedom to control her own body. If we don't take steps to close the wealth gap. Grateful for today's important talk at @essencefest. 

Jersey in the house here at @essencefest ! #jerseypride  #essencefest