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- Cory Booker   U.S. senator from New Jersey and Democratic candidate for president.

So inspired after touring the Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant in Los Angeles today with @ericgarcetti.  Not only will it recycle 100 percent of Los Angeles waste water by 2035, it will create jobs, lower our carbon footprint, and address the energy crisis too. This is what happens when leaders don't sacrifice environmental needs for one-sided economic gain. This is a win-win for Angelenos and our country.

‪Blessed to meet with such an inspiring group of women today. The generous hospitality they showed to me and my team while sharing personal, harrowing stories of our immigration system is a lesson for us all about common decency, humanity and family. ‬

It’s un-American that there are people who live in this country working full-time jobs who live in poverty. Grateful for the work SEIU Local 1107 is doing here in Las Vegas to fight for decent wages and benefits.

Fired up to be back in Nevada—a second home for me since my mom lives here! Excited to meet new people in Reno, Carson City and rural communities throughout the state today.

My favorite part of the Justice For All tour so far has been meeting all the folks on the road. They ask the hard questions, give the best greetings, and always teach me something new about our country. Atlanta always has a way of making you feel like you’re family. See you next time, ATL.

So great to be back in the city that my parents called home for over twenty years. Thank you for welcoming back, Atlanta! And special thanks to the student leaders and activists who hosted me for a necessary discussion on voting rights and reproductive justice.

This is where we are: 1. The cost to attend a university has increased nearly eight times faster than wages since the 1980s. 2. The cost of rent is rising at its fastest pace since 2016 3. And the cost of living overall has been increasing rapidly—the fastest rate in 10 years. This is just a snapshot of the devastating cost of living in this country. The Rise Credit aims to fix that disparity by lowering annual tax bills for more than half of all Americans.

Bodega Boys made it over to Brick City. And yeah, it was indeed brick city for much of the night, but my floater wasn't half bad. Catch me on @SHODesusandMero  this Thursday (11pm ET/PT) -- don't miss this game.

The cost of living is high & people are living paycheck-to-paycheck. So it makes no sense that those who make the most often end up paying the least in taxes. The Rise Credit benefits more than half of all Americans, ensuring we don't leave families behind. (Link in bio)

Grateful for such a warm welcome in Sioux City as we kicked off the first stop on our Justice for All tour—thank you to everyone who joined us this evening! Please RSVP for upcoming events: (link in bio)

We Won’t Wait.