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- Craig Welch   Senior writer @natgeo. Enthusiastic but average runner. Angler. Dad. Must have mountains. Also sea.

Special September issue out today, including our permafrost story (link in bio). Terrific work, all. Repost from @emmetsmith  - New Cover: The Arctic is Heating Up. You’re looking at the minimum recorded sea ice in the Arctic, September 2012. By September 2036, scientists project there will be none. The impacts on our climate and politics are staggering. Image by @mcanalesgraphics , @antoine_collignon , @tvdvd  and @tsickley.  Special kudos to @typesupply  for the custom lettering.

Repost from @katieorlinsky  - Methane Bubbles. Smith Lake in Fairbanks, Alaska. From “The Carbon Threat” (link in bio) for @natgeo  written by @craigwelch.  That fire photo from yesterday…this is where it comes from. As permafrost thaws it creates lakes and ponds which release methane bubbles into the water. When the water freezes in winter, it traps the bubbles in ice. So if you punch a hole through the ice, the gas escapes and can be set on fire, as seen in my last post when @uafairbanks  scientists demonstrated this for me last winter. The methane gas that bubbles from the oxygen- deprived mud under ponds and lakes is quite beautiful it is also 25 times as potent a greenhouse gas as CO2. All permafrost thaw leads to greenhouse gas emissions, but lakes and ponds like the one seen here accelerate the threat. @uafairbanks  ecologist Katey Walter Anthony has been measuring the methane coming from Arctic lakes for two decades. Her latest calculations, published in 2018, suggest that new lakes created by abrupt thaw could nearly triple the greenhouse gas emissions expected from permafrost. That means we need to curb our own fossil fuel use even faster. @insidenatgeo  #climatechange 

Story LINK IN BIO! Repost from @natgeo  Photo by @katieorlinsky  | I've been photographing in the Arctic for close to six years, trying to tell stories that put a human face on climate change. For nearly two of those years I've been working on “The Carbon Threat” for @natgeo , online today. The article, written by @craigwelch , tackles the urgent subject of permafrost thaw. It has been one of the most challenging stories I have ever photographed, a journey that fluctuated from frustrating and disturbing to fascinating and inspiring at a moment's notice. What is happening to our planet is not easy to swallow, but we must confront it head-on. I hope our article can help the public and policymakers recognize this new, groundbreaking reality and take action. Arctic permafrost is thawing much faster than expected, releasing carbon gases that could drastically speed up climate change. Scientists say permafrost thaw may release nearly three times more greenhouse gases than expected. That means we’ll have to curb our own fossil fuel use even faster than lawmakers think. In this image, flammable methane, a potent greenhouse gas, bubbles from the thawing permafrost beneath a frozen lake. When you punch a hole through the ice, the gas escapes and can be measured—or set on fire— as a scientist demonstrates here. Permafrost refers to the layer of continuously frozen soil that covers almost 1/4th of the Earth’s surface, found mostly in the Arctic. Most permafrost areas have been frozen for more than 10,000 years. And trapped inside permafrost are thousands of years of organic matter that decomposes as the ground thaws. That thawing ground slumps, allowing water to pool into millions of new ponds and lakes. These lakes—created this way or by beavers invading the far north—then chew through more permafrost. But they also allow all that organic matter to escape as methane, which is 25 times (or more) as potent a greenhouse gas as CO2. #climatechange  #arcticforever  #polar  #alaska  #russia  #onassignment  #storytelling 

*NEW* LINK IN BIO it could hardly be more important: Thawing #Arctic  ground is releasing far more carbon than once thought. That msg isn’t in #IPCC  reports yet, which means it hasn’t even reached policymakers. So when #GreenNewDeal  authors like @ocasio2018  and others say we have to cur fossil fuel use entirely by 2050... we actually have to move even faster than that. ** My September @natgeo  mag story w/marvelous @katieorlinsky  photos and @jasontreat  graphics went online today. Please read and share. And let it help motivate us all. Thanks to @insidenatgeo  for supporting our reporting. #climatechange  #alaska  #permafrost 

Really hard to imagine a better trail—or more perfectly Pacific Northwest views and weather—for this a.m.’s long uphill run on Mt Washington. Swapping leads w/master trail scout @a_nickelz  on mountain bike. #igrunners  #instarunning  #trailrunning  #trailrunners  #runnersofinstagram  #forestrunning  #pacificnorthwest 

The friends you make when you start hiking/running (mostly hiking) Big Mountain before dawn. The best days start w/at least 2,300 feet of up. #instarunner  #instarunning  #trailrunning  #montanawild 

Congrats, team! For more on our story see link in my bio. *^ Repost from @cristinamittermeier  HUGE news! In March 2017 I joined a @NatGeo  expedition team in Antarctica, led by my partner @PaulNicklen , to create a film that we hoped would inspire people to help us protect the #Antarctic  Peninsula. "Polar Obsession 360" a VR film, takes you on an epic adventure across raging seas and into a world where you come face to face with one of Antarctica's most charismatic creatures: a 1,000 pound leopard seal. Just this past spring, Polar Obsession won the 2019 People’s Choice Award, Webby Award for VR & 360 Video, and one Honoree mention from @thewebbyawards.  Today, I am beyond excited to tell you that Polar Obsession has been nominated for the News and Documentary Emmy Awards in the Outstanding New Approaches: Documentary category. Congratulations to the entire team for their #EmmyNomination ! . @blackdotfilmsvr , @Ladzinski  Ignacio Ferrando Margelí and Frederic Lilien Shane Moore @PattersonImages  @RodolfoWerner  @CraigWelch , @Ianvaso , @Andy_Mann , #DionPoncet  #JuliettePoncet  Max Solomon and Malvina Martin from Black Dot who shot/produced/edited, Matt Zymet, Gabbi Ewing, Kaite Mullin

Another day, another training #trailrun  among the wildflowers in the Lizard Range in British Columbia. Here, @pcat  works her way down our morning route. So spectacular here, but still not used to running with bear spray. #grizzlybear  #instarunners  #trailrunners  #runnersofinstagram  #mountainrunning  #trailrunning 

When the way down at the end of your trail run takes you through mountain bike terrain. #instarunner  #trailrunningcanada  #instatrailrunning  w/ @chrisasolomon 

Starting the day out right: early morning run on mountain trails in the Canadian Rockies. (#YoBear  #YoBear  ) I could do this all day—if, you know, I was stronger. And faster. Pretty damn amazing. #runnersofinstagram  #trailrunners  #trailrunning  #runnersofig  #runningmotivation  #grizzlycountry 

Elk River, eastern British Columbia.

Congrats to buddy @paulnicklen  and the entire @natgeo  video team. Their 360 video story “Polar Obsession”—Paul’s brainchild and obsession for years—has been nominated for an Emmy Award. And what a team effort, from Paul and @cristinamittermeier  and @andy_mann  and @ladzinski  to filmmakers @ignacioferrando360  and Fred and Shane Moore and editors like @gabbiewing  and @max.salomon  . Well done! (Follow link in my bio to our November 2018 #Antarctica  story, which includes the long version of this magnificent video piece.)