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Every wondered what it would be like to be an entrepreneur? The laptop lifestyle tequila sunrise in one hand, smashed avocado on rye bread in the other, iPad and pen in the other…wait a minute that’s not right, surely smashed avocado belongs on a five seed loaf! Or in the bin. Or have you ever wondered what it would be like to be part of an entrepreneurial, passionate and focus driven team that marches forward with momentum and fire in their bellies. Thriving to grow, learn and succeed. In a nutshell we’re looking for a budding super star that will help to check in with our clients, manage the office admin day-to-day, keep everything in check and make sure there’s enough coffee in stock to caffeinate a small army. We’re breaking the standard for architectural practises – do you have what it takes to make a dent?

Our team is growing - welcome to our new Quantity Surveyor Tom and Interior Designer Victoria - now we can cost projects in house for our clients and take their home interior designs to magazine levels #designworkstudios  #quantitysurveying  #interiordesign 

We're back with another update on this exciting extension project - things are really getting underway now! #designworkstudios  #designdaily  #extension  #update  #progress  #transformation  #renovation  #construction  #designideas  #homedesign 

We love creativity in design and we love wine - what's better than fusing the two together? This amazing under the stairs cellar we found on Pinterest is a perfect example of how space can be used in new, innovative ways: #winecellar  #designworkstudios 

It's time for another update on this fantastic project we're overseeing for our client, ensuring their dream transformation goes smoothly. #designdaily  #designworkstudios  #design  #extension  #berkshire  #project  #transformation  #renovation  #construction 

Here’s a few behind-the-scenes shots of Pete and the team hard at work on a stunning property extension, which is quickly transforming, giving you a great view of what’s to come! #extension  #property  #designworkstudios  #design 

Pete's had his turn in the limelight, so now it's time for the second Little Chair Interview, this time with our other co-founder, @danny.slade.92 ! #interview  #designworkstudios  #littlechairinterviews 

We're excited to be project managing this massive transformation for a client while they're away, ensuring everything is in safe hands. Take a tour with us. #designworkstudios  #project  #extension  #berkshire 

Construction has begun - it’s not all pretty pictures and highly polished finishes - first it gets messy 🔨 🏠 #designworkstudios  #construction  #constructionmanagement  #construction_site  #building  #design 

#Repost  @ramster_design_interiors  with @repostapp  ・・・ Best news to start the weekend and our family holiday to Bournemouth! Planning permission has been granted!!!! Thank you @designworkstudio  - can’t wait to catch up next week about the next steps! @designworkstudio  have made the process so easy! I cannot wait to work further with them!!!!! #interiordesign  #exendingourhome  #ramsterinteriors  #designworksstudio  #planningpermissiongranted 

We teased it and it's finally here! Get to know one of our founders, @iam_petetaylor , through our first Little Chair Interview! #designworkstudios  #littlechairinterviews