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Giant Jalapeño Chicken Sandy! Tag someone you’d share it with! @twisted 

Spicy or regular chicken nuggets? 🤔 @foodbeast 

Waffle Corn Dogs! @delish 

Which one are you eating?? - @sweetcombforts 

Hunters Chicken Pasta.. thoughts?! - @twisted 

Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Swirl Bread 😍 @twisted 

Obviously A. Comment which one!!

Bloody Mary Grilled Cheese 🤯 @delish 

These hot roast chicken gravy buns got me HUUUNGRY 😍 - @twisted 

Favorite place for fried chicken and fries?! - @grubspot 

Pickles dipped in Chocolate?? Would you try it? Comment: 🤤 or 🤮 @delish 

Tag someone you’d share this Giant Chicken Sandwich with! @twisted