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- E N I K O 💋 H A R T   keep RISING✨keep LIVING💃🏽& keep LOVING!♥ if it’s GOOD..it’s WONDERFUL! if it’s bad..it’s EXPERIENCE! NO REGRETS! LiVE.LAUGH.LOVE ♌️🇨🇳🇯🇲 👻◂ENiKOBABY


So good seeing these lovely ladies! #sisterlylove  🖤 @shanusurina  @jothiiiii 

A successful marriage needs understanding, forgiving mistakes, and falling in love with the same person over & over! Wishing that this hangover of love never fades away! Happy wedding! i love you guys! Now let’s make some babies! 🤗🖤 #FOREVERLINE 

This is exactly why we can’t ask kev to record us.. EVER! 😂 Happy Friday.. 😁 #FITFRIDAY  💪🏽 @rebeccabroxfit 

#TBT  🤗 Missin’ that belly... sike! maybe, just a little..☺️🖤

Mother’s Day weekend was special bc of you.. 🌹 thx you my love. #MCM🖤🤗 

Happy Mother’s Day to one of the best to ever do it! Bc of u i am the mother i am today..i love you unconditionally..and we’re so blessed to have you! Thank you 😊🖤

| Mother’s Day🌸 Hung out with my favorite little people today.. they treated me to an amazing brunch, we took wellness shots,😆 and even shopped a little w/o a fuss LOL!.. i couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you my babies, i love y’all! 🖤🤗 #HARTS 

| f a m i l y d a y 😚

Majorrrr throwback to our Fiji trip 😂 besties for life, growing old together 🖤 young, wild, & free! 😝 #TBT 

no filter, makeup-free.. just ME & my bomb ass tan! 😆💃🏽 thx, mexico GN! ✨